Ukraine Crisis: From Poland to Colombo and back to the country for bad friends studying medicine

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Kolkata: Bad clouds for friends. There were hints of war from the beginning of February. At that time, the Indian embassy informed that if necessary, everyone should return to the country. Russia (War in Ukraine) activism, most of the students began to buy plane tickets. But at that time the number of planes was less. So it became very difficult to get a ticket even with a lot of money.

However, Megha Chakraborty from Mahamaya Tala in South Kolkata left Ukraine to get a ticket. He lived in Lviv of that country to study medicine. From there he went to Poland, Colombo, Sri Lanka. After that he moved to Calcutta from Colombo via Delhi on 16th February. Many like Megha have returned before 24th February. They have WhatsApp groups of friends. Through which they knew their own news.

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Back in the country, Megha can find out in that group what a terrible situation Ukraine has. How horrible Ukraine has become since February 24. In the video on mobile, you see the torture of students at the Polish border. In his words, “Everybody is walking 30-49 kilometers from the first check post to the second check post on their way to the neighboring country from Ukraine. After four years of studying medicine, the country became a country of second love. The people there are very calm. The relationship of the soul with all was formed. Now everyone is worried about finishing their medical studies. We are also thinking about how good people are about him. “

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Megha added that most of the places where Indian students used to live, including Kharkiv and Kiev, have left the country. They should be brought back to the country properly, pleaded Meghar.

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