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Abir Ghoshal, Kolkata: The state is controlled by App Cab. The state transport department fixed the fare control or fare. The notification was issued by the state transport department. Earlier, app cab companies could have increased the rent arbitrarily for various reasons. The fare of AC taxi has been fixed by the State Transport Department. The rent is 36 rupees 50 paise as base fare. According to the new notification of the State Transport Department, maximum 50% higher fare can be charged for app cabs (West Bengal Government Guidelines for App Cabs).

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The maximum base fare for this figure will be 56 rupees 25 paise. On the other hand, the fare fixed by the state government per kilometer is 18 rupees 75 paise in case of AC taxi. According to the new notification, App Cab can be rented for a maximum of 50%. As a result, the maximum fare per kilometer can be taken at Tk Sometimes it rained, sometimes it was festive, sometimes it was less cars. From now on it can no longer be done (App Cabs).

On the other hand, the state government also laid down rules for canceling cabs. It states that those who cancel will have to pay 10% of the proposed fare. Suppose the fare of a journey was 230 rupees If the passenger or driver cancels the booking, he / she has to pay 10% of the fare i.e. Rs. According to the new notification, if the place from which the passenger has to pick up is within 3 kms, then the passenger will not have to pay the pickup charge in any way.

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According to the new notification, the company that will run the cab must have a server in this state. All data from that server can be accessed by any state agency at any time. This data must be stored for a minimum of 3 months, up to a maximum of two years. In addition, the vehicle must have a vehicle tracking system for passenger safety. The driver must have two years of cab driving experience. All the rules must be followed in all fields starting from the fitness of the car. However, drivers also need to have health insurance of Rs 5 lakh.

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