Places in Vizag and what they are famous for

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Visakhapatnam is known as the City of Destiny for a reason. It has been ranked as the 15th most livable on the Ease of Living Index, 2020. This beautiful port city, which is nestled among the Eastern Ghats and Bay of Bengal, is not only a tourist attraction but also one of the fastest-growing metropolitans. With pomp shopping malls, multi-screen theatres, delightful cafes, well-equipped hospitals, and many other within-the-reach amenities, the city has come a long way. Yo! Vizag is here with a one-stop guide of what these places are famous for.

To lessen your burden further, we have listed out the places in Vizag and what they are famous for.

Jagadamba- Movie theatres

Jagadamba, Sharada, Ramadevi, Melody, Sree Leela Mahal, Chitralaya, Venkateswara, Mukta, and Jothee. You might be thinking that these are the names of famous people from Vizag. But these are the number of movie theatres spread around the ever-busy Heart of the City, Jagadamba Centre. The 50-year-old Jagadamba Theatre has conquered the hearts of moviegoers in Vizag from the word go, by being the monarch of screening blockbuster Hollywood movies back then. This theatre has become so synonymous with the Visakhapatnam City, that the Jagadamba Junction, originally known as Yellamma Thota Junction, was renamed after the theatre.

RTC Complex- Intermediate colleges

One might assume that the number of buildings stretching across the RTC Complex are residential complexes. But no. Those apartment-like structures are branches of various intermediate colleges. Owing to this very fact, a number of fast-food joints, bakeries, and cafes popped up in the surrounding areas to please the college-going students.

Dwaraka Nagar- Mobiles and accessory stores

From branded mobile stores to wholesale accessory shops, there is nothing you cannot find at Dwaraka Nagar. Phone cases, screen guards, mobile service centres, second-hand mobile stores, and the list goes on. Additionally, one can also find a number of other electronic shops. From basic mobile repairs to restoring expensive laptops, there is nothing the skilful hands in this area cannot do.

MVP Colony- Cafes and fast food joints

This is not just a heavily populated residential area but also a major commercial hub in the city. It is home to countless fast-food joints, cafes, restaurants, and bakeries. Each and every street of MVP Colony is dotted with numerous places to eat and hang out with friends.

RK Beach- Muri Mixture

Apart from the fact that Vizag itself is famous for its beaches, the beach is also famous for a number of things. Be it the beautiful sceneries on an evening or a pleasant environment for a morning walk, the beach is loved for numerous reasons. But the one that will stand apart is the muri mixture here. Just imagine munching on spicy and tangy muri mixture while enjoying the beach view. Feels like heaven. If you ask any Vizagite to describe their hometown in one line, this might be it.

Rushikonda- GITAM

Another famous beach in Vizag, Ruhsikonda is synonymous with GITAM. So much so that the area near the campus is fondly known as GITAM down. Gitamites will forever cherish the beach Maggi available at Rushikonda Beach.

Arilova- Hospitals

Thanks to initiatives taken by the government, Vizag has got its own health corridor. On the stretch from Hanumanthuwaka to Simhachalam, a number of world-class hospitals have come up. This stretch has facilitated the Vizagites in treatment for minor diseases to major illnesses.


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