Offbeat ideas for a memorable birthday celebration in Vizag

March 3, 2022 0 Comments

Are you tired of rummaging through Pinterest for birthday celebration ideas to surprise your special one? Efforts and gestures convey affection better than an expensive gift. In addition, planning something that involves spending quality time, is invaluable for everyone. If you are looking for offbeat ideas to celebrate your dear one’s birthday, rather than just giving a gift, this article is for you.

Here are some offbeat ideas for a birthday celebration in Vizag

#1 Surprise them with a cake on the boat at Kondakarla Ava

Amidst the dazzling lotuses, the cake-cutting ceremony can be celebrated on the boat in this lake which is also a favoured spot for migratory birds. There is no better location for the birthday person’s Instagram grid. Picturesque landscapes prove to be a great view, especially at the time of sunset, the golden hour for photoshoots. This is one of the most magical ways to celebrate one’s birthday.

#2 Stargazing at Appikonda

While the birthday person gazes at the stars, you can gaze at this star in your life and tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life. An hour away from the city, Appikonda has manmade steps to trek for the major part making it a fairly easy adventure. After reaching the flat surface, one can camp at the site with their tents and spend their time stargazing.

#3 Beach picnic at Thotlakonda

Nothing like a good old scrumptious picnic by the beach. Take the special person out on a beach picnic and cut the cake at the celebration. Carry good food, a speaker, a basket, a blanket, and voila! you have put together a perfect picnic. Just be cautious to loathe yourselves in sunscreen and dress beach-friendly.

#4 Cut the cake in the Ropeway at Kailasagiri

Take the special person of the day on the ropeway ride to Kailasagiri. While they savour the scenery, pop up their birthday cake and surprise them. They are sure to have tears of joy. The ride will surely be a memorable one.

#5 Candlelight dinner at Star Hotels

If the special person you want to surprise is your romantic partner, this idea is a classic trick from the handbook. In any other case, it is still an interesting way of saying that the special person deserves such treatment. Luckily, The Park Hotel has a beautiful candlelight dinner by the beach. The aesthetic lighting creates an ambience for a celebration.

#6 Poolside Party in Star Hotels

If you have a huge gang of friends or intend to invite your family group, pool parties are the best surprise parties to throw. You can pick any star hotel in Vizag which has a pool and organize a birthday party for your special person. Novotel’s infinity pool is the best pick of the lot.

#7 Bake a Cake

Nothing screams love like handmade gifts. Baking a cake takes it to the next level. You can buy what you need to bake from VK’s La Chocolate or Karachiwala Stores. It can also be a fun activity you do together. This is a birthday idea that is a sure shot hit for a celebration if the cake turns out well.

# Take them to Get Inked

You can dare the special person to do anything you ask them to and take them to a tattoo parlour on a whim. If you are best friends forever, you can get matching tattoos to literally mark the occasion. In Vizag, you can head to Ouch Tattoo near The Gallery, Aliens Tattoo near Harbour Road, or Om Tattoo Studios near Purna Market. If getting inked is too cheeky, piercing is another alternative.

All in all, it will be one hell of a birthday to remember and a story to tell.

Comment below and let us know how you have celebrated the birthday of your near and dear ones in Vizag!


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