Indira Gandhi Zoo hosts fun activities to mark World Wildlife Day in Visakhapatnam

March 2, 2022 0 Comments

Celebrating every living species on this planet earth, wildlife day commemorates the importance of the wild flora and fauna and simultaneously raises awareness regarding the benefits that their conservation provides to the planet and its people. The United Nations in the year 2013 proclaimed 3 March as World Wildlife Day.

Every year carries a theme in order to promote guided awareness and this year the focus is on recovering key species for ecosystem restoration. With many species already topping the list of endangered, the United Nations aims to shed light on saving these species this year. Discussions and debates take place across the world on important platforms, reminding people of the importance of implementing measures of conservation.

Reminding the same importance to the students of Visakhapatnam, the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park (IGZP) has scheduled a series of 3 events for youngsters to mark the importance of this day. Starting off with the main event named Bio Blitz, the exploring event aims to create educative awareness among students through documenting plants and animals of the zoo. The competitive event will reward the one who manages to find the most exotic flora and fauna. Based on a pre-sketched route map, the fun event is purely for an educative purpose.


In conversation with Yo! Vizag, Venkataramana the Public Relations Officer at the IGZP Visakhapatnam says “We have two more exciting events at the Zoo tomorrow. One of them is a drawing competition with the theme ‘Wildlife in Threat’ which will have three categories of participants from grade I to XII. The last event is elocution with three different topics the participants have to talk about.” He also added that the Visakhapatnam Zoo shall provide participation certificates to all those who take part in the events on World Wildlife Day.

The Zoo aims to promote the importance of conservation through fun activities this World Wildlife Day for the young generation of Visakhapatnam and promote awareness of their duty to work towards the preservation of wild flora and fauna.


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