Vizag girl braves her way out of Kharkiv, Ukraine – headed towards Hungary border

March 1, 2022 0 Comments

As the Indian embassy in Ukraine advised all Indians in Kyiv to evacuate immediately through any means available, Telugu speaking students in Kharkiv follow the advisory. Reddy Nomula Satya Sreeja, the 19-year-old Vizag girl who was pursuing medicine in the Kharkiv National Medical University, Kharkiv, Ukraine, has finally left the hiding bunker with 25 other friends in an attempt to safely reach India, amidst the war between Russia and Ukraine. The students have taken a train to Lviv from Kharkiv as this article is being written.

After 5 days of expecting any help from the Indian Embassy in Ukraine, the students have braved their way out to safely reach India. “We all have collectively decided to move out and take this train to Lviv. Five of us are from the bunker, four from the neighbouring bunker and the rest are our seniors who reside in the flats nearby. We are currently on the train and we will take a bus from Lviv to Hungary,” said Sreeja from the train. ” We understood that we will not receive any help from the Indian Embassy, we cannot live here like this in fear,” said the Vizag girl escaping from Ukraine. It was also reported that the remaining students in the bunker await the response of the Indian Embassy.

According to Sreeja, the situation in Kharkiv has worsened. With the Russian army reaching deeper into Ukraine, the students have taken it into their own hands to flee the war-torn country. Lviv is a 13-hour journey from Kharkiv. The Indian students plan to take a bus from Lviv to Hungary, which is at a distance of 572 km.


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