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#Kolkata: Political leaders have tried to influence voters, alleges Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Ghosh. “Pre-polls are going on in different parts of the country. The polls were peaceful except for a few isolated incidents. The BJP broke the EVM knowing the rate was certain. Allegations of incitement have been leveled against BJP’s Dilip Ghosh and Arjun Singh.” Reported by Kunal (TMC Spokesperson Kunal Ghosh).

The spokesperson (TMC Spokesperson Kunal Ghosh) claimed, “Peaceful vote (West Bengal Municipal Election 2022) was taking place. The Congress is still making various allegations. The commission’s attention has already been drawn. The allegations have been made against Dilip Ghosh, Arjun Singh and Adhir Chowdhury. Who will listen to them without any evidence? “

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In this context, Kunal did not stop mocking the problems between the original BJP and the then BJP. In his words, “BJP leaders persuaded to break the EVM. The person who broke the EVM knows that people are not voting for him. Lack of self-confidence. Har (West Bengal Municipal Election 2022) is sure to be doing all this out of mental exhaustion. Dilip Ghosh is not considered by many BJP leaders.” “Videos and information have come from multiple sources. They have been scrutinized. Tragic and unfortunate incidents. Action will be taken if team members are involved.”

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Kunal’s remarks that the opposition fired cannons, they do not understand the vote. So doing cheap politics. BJP candidates or activist supporters (West Bengal Municipal Elections) have been accused of breaking EVMs during elections in one municipal area after another. As a result, the question arises as to whether the BJP’s new strategy is to break the EVM in the pre-poll Police have already arrested two BJP candidates in Barasat and Basirhat on charges of breaking EVMs.

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