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#Kolkata: Elections in 108 municipalities of the state on Sunday. Earlier, the grassroots leadership was giving a message to the party workers. It has been mentioned there, do not step on the persuasion of the opposition Can do dramas all day long while in publicity. Inform the leadership or the police without resorting to any persuasion. Even if the campaign is over, don’t give up. Vote tomorrow, make organizational preparations from today. Have local agents in each booth properly. Those who know everyone by the address of the area. Also keep the local known active workers in the camp office of the party. That or who knows all the voters and the home area. Voters need to be encouraged. Let them come and go with the vote. There will be other work later.

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In a free, democratic environment, voting should take place in a festive mood People will vote for grassroots on the basis of work and service. For the sake of extra votes, don’t do too much with enthusiasm, which is a source of controversy. As the staff said, this is the age of media and information technology. Camera in hand. Do not do anything that could be slandered in the future.

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Employees have been given the message, confidence is good. But no one will show extra confidence. Do not leave the booth or camp. Wait until the last minute. However, BJP leader Dilip Ghosh attacked the Trinamool before the general election. He said, “106 municipal votes were cast at midnight. The general public’s enthusiasm has increased towards the end of the preparations for the elections in such a depressing situation. Opposition members were intimidated. However, the BJP is fighting this election in an organized manner. The BJP is fighting equally.”

Kunal Ghosh has made fun of Dilip Ghosh. “The fear of the opposition is in their minds. They have no people anywhere. The people want the grassroots. The opposition is fighting to be second and third in the distance. Our request is not to be persuaded by the opposition,” he said.

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