Mamata Banerjee | Sharad Pawar: Mamata calls Sharad Pawar after Nawab’s arrest, strong alliance against BJP

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#Mumbai: Maharashtra’s Dordanda Pratap Minister was arrested on Wednesday by the Central Government’s Enforcement Directorate. ED picked him up from the house on Wednesday morning. He was arrested after a long interrogation. After this incident, Mamata Banerjee called Sharad Pawar. On this day, the two talked about the over-activism of the central agency. According to sources, Mamata Banerjee has requested Sharad Pawar not to remove Nawab Malik from the ministry. Incidentally, Nawab Malik is known as the face of BJP opposition. He has criticized Narendra Modi and Amit Shah on multiple issues. As a result, the anti-BJP political parties think that the arrest of Nawab Malik is very active with the BJP agency. According to sources, Mamata Banerjee has given a message to the opposition parties to stand united on this issue.

On Wednesday morning, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) took Nawab Malik to its office for questioning in the money laundering case of the notorious Don Dawood Ibrahim and his close associates. The NCP leader was picked up from his house around 8 am. Then the interrogation started. He was then arrested.

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According to ED sources, Nawab Malik’s name came up in the Central Investigation Agency’s investigation into his involvement with Hawala. The ED is investigating the money laundering case against Dawood. Dawood’s associates like Iqbal Mirchi, Chhota Shakil, Hasina Parker and Javed Chikna have already been found to be involved in money laundering.

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The money was smuggled through extortion, drug trafficking and other illegal activities. In the last few days, ED has been conducting searches in various places in Mumbai in this incident. According to the source, the house of Dawood Ibrahim’s late sister Hasina Parkar was also raided by the ED officials.

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