Blood donation camps every Tuesday and Friday in Vizag: District Collector

September 12, 2021 0 Comments

“The medical officers in Vizag are instructed to set up blood donation camps in the district every Tuesday and Friday,” said Visakhapatnam District Collector, Dr. A Mallikarjuna IAS. On Saturday, a meeting was held at the Collector’s office along with the medical officials and blood bank owners. Speaking during the meeting, the Collector also said that tough measures should be taken to control Dengue and Malaria fevers, as the seasonal diseases are likely to increase for another 2-3 months with the changes in the weather conditions.

According to the Collector, there has been a deficiency of blood available in the banks. This is primarily due to the lack of blood donation camps, being conducted by the blood banks in Vizag during the pandemic. 

He said that the platelets donation will be needed for dengue patients who may have a drop in their platelet counts. 

Dr. Mallikarjuna asked to keep an updated list of blood donors in Vizag and call them to the blood donation camps, in case, blood is needed for the dengue patients. A Whatsapp group is said to be created for individuals with rare blood groups and negative blood groups. 30 percent of blood collected in the private hospitals, and blood banks, should be given to King George Hospital (KGH). The Red Cross Society has been told to set up a blood bank; especially at Paderu. 

During this meeting, District Medical and Health Officer, Dr Suryanarayana, said that there are blood banks in 5 government hospitals, 5 voluntary organisations and 10 private hospitals in the district. Regarding the shortage of technical staff, and no component separation units, in Victoria Government Hospital, and Anakapalli and Paderu area hospitals, the District Collector responded saying necessary action will be taken.  


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