Vizag Traffic Police issue new set of guidelines for two and four wheelers

September 10, 2021 0 Comments

The Vizag Traffic Police have issued a set of new guidelines to be followed by all the two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles in the city.  As per the Traffic Regulation and Enforcement Department, a drive will be conducted from Friday 10 September 2021 to ensure the new traffic rules are strictly followed in Vizag. 

The latest traffic guidelines are as follows as per Vizag Traffic Police:

#1 No vehicle should have unauthorized police stickers / press / MLA / MP stickers

#2 Vehicles should not have very loud, or musical, horns

#3 Vehicles should not have fancy number plates. If caught, fines will be imposed

#4 Street vendors should not use high pitch sounds in the market

#5 Vehicles are not allowed to use high beam lights 

#6 Overloading of autos with passengers is strictly to be avoided 

As per the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (traffic), CH Adinarayana, all the citizens should follow the above regulations. Strict action will be taken against anyone violating the norms. These new traffic guidelines are issued in a way to avoid noise pollution, accidents, and vehicle thefts happening in Vizag. 

On Friday, police will be conducting checks at some of the major locations to see that everyone is following the guidelines. Especially, being a festival day, there are chances of youth creating a nuisance by driving rashly and putting loud music. With the current pandemic situation, it was also made clear that no Ganesh pandals should be allowed in public places. The city police will take strict action against any pandals being installed. 

Meanwhile, the Regional Transport Department has been conducting checks at some of the locations imposing fines and booking cases on those vehicles with fancy number plates. 


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