Doctors in Vizag cure a baby girl of Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome

September 10, 2021 0 Comments

In a yet another medical miracle, doctors at a private hospital in Vizag have claimed to have found a cure and saved a premature baby girl who had Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS). She is claimed to be the smallest baby in South India. 

Due to restricted fetal growth and absent blood supply, the baby was born via an emergency C-section. The baby had an extremely low birth weight (only about 900 grams). She was born at a private hospital in Vizag and was later shifted to Medicover Women and Child Hospital to consult Chief neonatologist Dr. Sai Sunil Kishore for further medical treatment.

Being premature and sick, the baby was admitted to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for necessary medical aid. Upon evaluation, it was revealed that there were a string of positive COVID antibodies with elevated inflammatory markers. Further, a 2D-echo showed dilated coronaries and decreased cardiac function as well. The doctors eventually found a cure and saved the baby girl from MIS in Vizag. Talking about this miraculous moment, Dr. Kishore said that this wouldn’t have been possible if not for the round-the-clock care and support given by the experts and support team of neonatologists and well-trained staff.

Amid the rise in Covid-19 infections among children and adolescents aged below 18 years, MIS, a post-Covid complication in children has emerged as a rising concern in the nation. 

As per medical experts, Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS) in children, similar to post-Covid complications in adults, is dangerous if not diagnosed and treated properly. The symptoms include persistent fever, skin rash, and reddening of tongue, mouth, and eyes. In some cases, liver, kidney, or cardiac functions too were found affected. MIS-C is considered rare even among those who had Covid-19 but the numbers are high after the second wave.


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