Teachers Day 2021: ‘Dil aysa kisi ne mere tora.’

September 5, 2021 0 Comments

#Kolkata: Under the Corona situation, educational institutions across the country have been closed for the last one and a half years. So everyone has to rely on the online education system, teachers and students. Meanwhile, Teachers’ Day is celebrated across the country on Sunday. That day is known as a day of pride for all teachers. On this day, every student remembers his teacher in different ways. Even on this day, the teacher-student relationship becomes stronger when a teacher evaluates the structure of his student’s life by observing the day.

On such a day, the Presidency Correctional Institution on Sunday afternoon was filled with various stories of teacher-student relations. Correctional facility, where one is brought in to correct a criminal chapter in life. Where a lesson in the values ​​of life is given. Those who do this work inside the penitentiary were honored by the Presidency penitentiary on Teacher’s Day.

Gautam Roy, Krishnachanda Majhi and Manoraj Pal – who are working in the state jail office. Although they are engaged in various tasks of the office, they are working to build the common man by erasing the ‘crime’ of the prisoner’s mind. On this day, Super Debashis Chakraborty handed over a bouquet of flowers to them.

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Not only that, there are some people in this correctional facility whose career started with teaching. Perth Roy (name changed), Atanu Sardar (name changed), Sanjeev Das (name changed), Sheikh Amirul (name changed), Prabhat Bhattacharya (name changed) and Mohammad Rouhan (name changed) – some convicted, others on trial . Those who get involved in criminal activities for one reason or another after starting their career. One of them used to teach in a college. Some have arrived at the penitentiary today on charges of child sexual harassment, while others have been convicted in fraud cases.

But career teaching is still hidden deep in the mind. So whenever he got a chance, he put the school inside the correctional facility. The correctional facility authorities also honored them on this day. The program was filled with songs, recitations, stories of experiences. One by one, they shared their school life in the middle of the program. So maybe at the end someone sang with tears in their eyes, ‘Dil ayasa kisine mere tora…’.


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