Sovandeb Chattopadhyay | Mamata Banerjee | There is no vote in Kharadha, the home ground is Bhavanipur

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#Kolkata: He was practically fighting for votes in his own neighborhood. He defeated his nearest rival by about 30,000 votes However, Shobhandev Chatterjee resigned from Bhabanipur as per the decision of the party. Voting has been declared in three centers including Bhabanipur He is happy with the commission. State Agriculture Minister Shobhandev Chattopadhyay has appealed to the Election Commission to hold by-elections in the remaining four constituencies as well.

Shobhandev Chattopadhyay became the candidate from Bhabanipur under the direction of the party. Again, he voluntarily resigned from that center. Party leader Mamata Banerjee gave up the assembly seat. The party will, however, field him for re-election. He will contest from Kharadha assembly constituency. However, the polling day has not been announced yet But he is hopeful the vote will be announced there soon.

The results of this year’s vote have been announced on the 2nd. Shobhandev Chatterjee resigned from the post of MLA on May 21. However, as per the rules, he is still the state agriculture minister But if the vote is not cast in time, Shobhandev Chatterjee will have to resign from the post. As a result, his future is uncertain. Shobhandev Chatterjee, however, has been busy campaigning for Mamata Banerjee since Sunday morning. He has been discussing with the team workers more than once since morning. It is also seen near the pujo committees of the assembly constituency. He is ready to take to the streets with that energy as much as he fought in the election campaign at that time. However, Shobhandev Chattopadhyay said, “My goal is to win Mamata Banerjee by a record margin in the by-elections. Now we have to reach out to the people day and night in the next few days. We have started that work. Mamata is a housewife from Bhabanipur. Everyone knows her. The election campaign will continue. “

Shobhandevbabur is a little upset as the vote in Kharadha has not been announced yet. “The Corona situation is under control now. The vote could have been taken now,” he said. The Trinamool Congress, however, said, “We have informed the commission of the demand for a joint vote in all the centers.” In this way, instead of voting step by step, it would have been beneficial to vote at all. People also got their benefits. For now, when is the Kharadaha Assembly vote waiting? Shobhandev Chatterjee wants to be known as MLA again.

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