Here are the most popular foreign TV shows in India

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Money Heist Volume 1, of Season 5, dropped on 3 September, 2021. With the irresistible urge to finish all 5 episodes at a stretch, one usually forgets to pay heed to the whole weekend ahead. If you are looking for foreign shows to watch this weekend, here are the most popular foreign TV shows in India.

#1 Money Heist

Money Heist, as the name suggests is a Spanish heist crime drama. The series revolves around a group of thieves who take hostages to their aid, to pull off the biggest heist ever. All the four Seasons, and Volume 1 of Season 5, are available to stream. Volume 2 of Season 5 will be released on 3 December, 2021. 

Stream it on: Netflix

#2 Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy series, adapted from ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. The plot revolves around nine noble families that wage war against each other to gain to take over the throne. The first episode of Season 1 was released in 2011. The last and final episode was released in 2019. However, HBO has plans of bringing multiple spin-offs of the popular series. It still remains one of the most popular foreign TV shows in India. 

Stream it on: Disney+ Hotstar

#3 Dark

Dark is a German web series that redefined the genre of time travel and its possible outcomes. The series is about a family so deeply interconnected in a timeline that continues in the lapses of 30 years from the present. With a mystical overtone, and a brooding sense of horror, that prevails over the series, Dark is a must-watch. Dark premiered in 2017 and the third and final season was released in 2020.

Stream it on: Netflix

#4 Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad, which had its first episode aired in 2008, is hailed as one of the finest TV dramas of all time. All hell breaks loose when a meek high school chemistry teacher transforms into a drug lord. Gripping and tight, the plot involves multiple twists and turns that’ll make you fall in love with it eventually.

Stream it on: Netflix

#5 Friends

Friends is a 10-season television sitcom, created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman. From Joey not sharing food to Phoebe quavering ‘Smelly Cat’, everything about the series strikes a chord with us. In 2021, Friends: The Reunion was released. It is also known as the episode where they get back together. Friends is one of the most popular foreign TV shows in India about 17 years after its finale.

Stream it on: Netflix

#6 The Office

The Office is one of the highly celebrated mockumentary sitcoms in India. The workplace comedy is a non-explicit heartfelt show, using quirky characters and covering their daily office life. The Office continued for 9 seasons and 201 episodes. The show was nominated several times at the Primetime Emmy Awards and won 2 of them. An official Indian remake of the show was made under Hotstar specials.

Stream it on: Amazon Prime Video

#7 Stranger Things

If you are a hardcore science fiction enthusiast, then you are in for a treat. The story takes you back to the mid-1980s where you will follow the journey of 4 kids as they desperately try to find their lost friend in what seems like an ordinary town but embedded with dark secrets. Three seasons containing 25 episodes are available to stream. Season 4 is rumored to be released in 2022. It’s the latest addition to this list of most popular TV shows in India and definitely one whose craze won’t die down any time soon. 

Stream it on: Netflix

#8 The Vampire Diaries

Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec developed The Vampire Diaries as an American supernatural teen drama series based on the book series of the same name. The series is a depiction of teenage friendship and connection without the knowledge of the innate nature of the creatures around. The last episode of  Season 9 streamed on 10 March, 2017. Currently, all the 171 episodes are available to stream on Netflix.

Stream it on: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video

#9 The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom that describes the life of four awkwardly social friends and their day-to-day endeavours. It is one of the English comedy shows most geeks in the world have watched. Created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, it first premiered in the year 2007. It continued for 12 seasons and 279 episodes. 

Stream it on: Netflix

#10 Suits

Suits is an American drama that talks about a brilliant but unlicensed lawyer and his infamous mentor Harvey Spector. He is famously known as the best closer in New York. The two deal with blue-blooded clients, with equal parts of wit and charm, as they work for Pearson Hardman. The first season went live in 2011 and continued for 9 Seasons. Currently, all 9 seasons are available to stream.

Stream it on: Netflix


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