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#Kolkata: The ‘Duare Ration’ project is being started on an experimental basis from September 15. The West Bengal Food department has already started its preparations. How will the Duare Ration Scheme project start from 15th September? The state food department sent a guideline to the districts. The guideline states that ration customers have to provide rations once a month throughout the month as a pilot project. In addition, multiple guidelines have been given for this project.

1) Ration dealers will deliver the ration to the consumer in their own rented vehicle with the help of one or two employees considering the number of consumers and the amount of work in their own area.

2) Customers need to be provided ration as per their due amount after getting proper biometric through e-pos device.

3) Customers have to pay all the food grains i.e. rice-wheat, sugar at once.

4) After any member of a family puts biometric barrier on the e-pos device, the whole family under the door ration scheme will get their food grains at home. However, in that case if a customer cannot receive his ration at home due to special reasons, he can go there on the day the ration shop is open and collect the ration.

5) In this case, the ration shop will be open on different days fixed by the State Food and Supplies Department. Ration dealers will deliver rations to customers through doorstep only on the days when they will be fixed for doorstep delivery.

6) In this case, if a particular mobile network service in an area is disrupted for any reason, the ration dealer will have to take the various Internet connectivity SIMs of the e-pos machine to reduce that problem. In that case the ration dealer should check which internet service will work well in that area.

6) In this case, the state government will consider giving additional commission from the date of piloting to the concerned ration dealers for distribution of food grains under the door ration scheme.

6) Although the guideline states that the state government is also considering providing financial assistance in the form of subsidy to the dealer for the purchase of delivery vans to deliver food grains door to door in the ration project at this door. In this case, detailed guidelines will be issued by the state in due course.

The guideline states that each area should be divided into multiple clusters. In addition, a specific day of each week of each month should be allotted for distribution of food grains in each cluster. Rations will be distributed through the ration scheme on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from the first week to the fourth week of the month. Not only that, rations will be distributed from the ration shop every Saturday. In this case, those who cannot collect food grains at home due to emergency can take rations from the ration shop. Incidentally, a door-to-door ration project is being launched this month as a pilot project in 15% of ration shops in the state. Food department sources said that it will be increased step by step.

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