Happy Birthday NBK: 8 career-defining movies of the Telugu actor

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Nandamuri Balakrishna, the sheer name flashes the image of a legend, lion, ruler, dictator, and a Sultan. While it may seem true to the film titles he has acted in, Balakrishna is known for invoking pride and self-esteem in every film he acts in. A man with a story and many stories to tell, his dialogues drive shivers down the spine. Balakrishna is the son of the late actor turned politician NT Rama Rao and has been seen in many movies as a child artist since his nascent days. Since then, NBK has acted in over 100 movies, establishing himself as one of the leading actors of the Telugu Film Industry (TFI).

With many accolades and recognitions, including three Nandi awards and a South Indian International Movie Award, his film was appreciated by the Telugu audience at large. With the balance he makes between his political and acting career, this noted actor will be next seen in the Boyapati Srinu directed film Akhanda. With only a poster that was released of the film, the film has raised anticipation from all corners.

While we await the release of Akhanda, let’s unanimously celebrate the 61st birthday of the legendary actor. On this occasion, Yo! brings to you a compilation of 8 career-defining movies of NBK.

#1. Mangammagari Manavadu

Mangammagari Manavadu is a 1984 film remade from the Tamil film Man Vasanai. The film belongs to the times when a single companion was conceived to be of utmost importance. Nandamuri Balakrishna who acts as Veeranna falls in love with the village girl despite all the families’ efforts to separate all of them. With all the pressing situations at hand, Veeranna leaves the village and joins the military service. While all that went on in the village was not enough, Veeranna returns from the military with another woman.

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#2. Naari Naari Naduma Murari

As the name goes, the film is a tussle between two sisters. Naari Naari Naduma Murari is a Telugu language action comedy and the 50th film of the actor. Owing to the decade in which the film was made, the film revolved around a family-bound marriage. To the grandeur and the charm Balakrishna had to his 50th film, he acted as Venkanna who was immediately liked by everyone who saw him. With both the sisters falling in love with Venkanna, the plot is an interesting watch from the 90s film.

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#3. Aditya 369

Aditya 369 is considered to be the first Indian film based on time travel. This 1991 film starring Balakrishna and Mohini is a science fiction film that deals with exploratory dystopian and apocalyptic themes. The film revolves around a science professor and his time machine. True to its niche genre, the film received two Nandi Awards for Best Costume Design and Best Art Direction and was later dubbed into Hindi and Tamil. It’s one of the must-watch movies from the entire career of NBK.

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#4. Bhairava Dweepam

Bhairava Dweepam happens to be the first time actor Nandamuri Balakrishna dawned a warrior’s armor, and also happens to be his most explosive and comprehensive role ever. This 1994 mythological fantasy film casts actress Roja along and depicts the trials and tribulations that she goes through after her dynasty deserts her. The film had the legendary music composer Madhavapeddi Suresh make the timeless music that is well cherished even today. The film was a blockbuster and a commercial hit winning 9 Nandi Awards.

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#5. Samarasimha Reddy

Samanarsimha Reddy was a Balakrishna cult famous and trendsetter in his theatrical journey. This film was recorded as the All-Time Industry Hit at the box office surpassing all the previous records and introduced Balakrishna to his trademark faction leader role. The film revolves around Mr. Reddy (NBK) who accidentally kills an innocent man to avenge the death of his family. Reddy behaves like a long-lost brother to the innocent man’s kith and kin to make up for his act.

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#6. Narasimha Naidu

Narasimha Naidu was the pioneer in Balakrishna’s vigilante action-drama film. The film revolves around the enmity of two neighboring villages that is got by a family conflict. Balakrishna who acts as Narsimha plays a pivotal role in bringing down the war-like situation that is got by family conflict. Sad to its essence, Narsimha losses his wife on this journey. The movie is a must-watch to pick Balakrishna’s acting flair and the way he falls with another girl Anjali.

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#7. Simha

Simha stars Nandamuri Balakrishna in a dual role under the sensational direction of Boyapati Srinu. The film depicts Balakrishna as a college professor who cannot tolerate the slightest of injustice to anyone. As a ritual to director Srinu’s films, the actress falls in love with Balakrishna in his unprecedented attempts to save her from goons. With all this set in an urban setup, the film immediately takes to the rural setup with his grandmother revealing his past. With a double grounded plot, the plot is a must-watch for the action sequences it carries. Simha is one of the most memorable NBK movies.

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#8. Gautami Putra Satakarni

Gautami Putra Satakarni marks the 100th film in Balakrishna’s journey in TFI. The film Gautami Putra Satakarni is based on the life of a 1st-century ruler and his achievements. The film that was in true essence the pride of Telugu people has its deep roots in the history of Kakatiya queen Rudrama Devi. With no modern attributions of regionalism and nationalism, the plot dreams of uniting the kingdoms in India and bringing them under one flag. The way the emperor faces his challenges and musters the courage to rise to the occasion every time he loses hope is itself a wonder to watch.

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