Another Covid-19 patient commits suicide at VIMS in Vizag

June 3, 2021 0 Comments

Another death by suicide of a covid-19 patient jumping from a hospital window was reported in the Visakha Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) in Vizag on Thursday early morning. The deceased has been identified as 37-year-old M Venu Babu of Gollapalem village, Bheemili Mandal in Vizag. This is the second such death in VIMS after the one that was reported on May 23. 

The deceased Venu Babu, who had tested positive for Covid-19, got admitted two days ago with low saturation. Since the time of admission, the patient is said to have been in a depressed state. The hospital staff had reportedly attended to the patient, and counselling was given by the psychologists of VIMS. 

“It seems like a planned suicide. At around 6 AM, his family member checked his BP and vitals and went back as usual. As the second-floor windows were locked after a suicide death that had happened earlier, Venu removed his mask, observed his surroundings and went to the third floor. In one area, there is a glass door with an elevation that cannot be locked. He climbed on it and jumped from the small window. Before he committed suicide, it is learnt that he sent a message to his family members,” said VIMS Director K Rambabu. 

After the recent suicide in Vizag of a Covid-19 patient in VIMS, the hospital management have decided to strengthen the security in all the hospital wards. The hospital has locked all the windows in the wards with a lock, wherever there is a chance for the patients to take these extreme steps. “Despite all measures being taken to avoid such deaths, few still find ways for themselves. We have kept counsellors in three shifts to interact with patients suffering from stress and depression. We cannot lock the doors in each ward as this will be a hindrance for doctors and specialists who visit regularly to keep track of the Covid-19 patients. This is not a jail to keep the patients locked and leave them in a vulnerable situation,” said Director Rambabu. 

Director Rambabu observed that the same trend of suicidal deaths was seen during the first wave. If this trend follows, other patients with similar ideas will also tend to follow the same. “We do not want to make the issue big. The news of such incidents might make other patients who are in similar condition take it as an example. Though we are counselling the patients, we are thinking of different ways to change the attitude of the patients,” he said.



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