10 prominent English Thriller web series to check out on Disney+ Hotstar

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Disney+ Hotstar is one of the rising giants in the OTT platforms with the amalgamation of more than three big networks- Hotstar, HBO and Disney. The platform houses some of the greatest international dramas of all time. The OTT platform got a significant rise in popularity in India, for its premium subscription, with the announcement of the Marvel series. The niche for thriller series is never satisfied. A limited pool of movies narrows down the choices to watch from. This is where English thriller web series comes in handy, especially the ones on Disney+ Hotstar.

In this article Yo! Vizag lists down some of the highest-rated English thriller web series on Disney+Hotstar.

1. The Night Of

IMDb rating – 8.5

The Night Of, based on Peter Moffat’s Criminal Justice, which was later adapted for a Hindi remake. It follows the story of a young man who has been accused of murder. The Night Of depicts a brutal journey a man has to face in the world with enclosed prisoners. It is one of the best on-screen representations of wrongly accused cases. Riz Ahmed, Amara Karan, Poorna Jagannathan, are some lead faces of the show. It spans over 8 episodes, with each episode of roughly an hour.

2 .Sharp Objects

IMDb rating- 8.1

Based on Gone Girl fame Gillian Flynn’s debut novel, Sharp Objects is an American television miniseries. This HBO miniseries has received a Golden Globe award along with two Critics Choice awards. Sharp Objects is a psychological thriller, a Flynn’s speciality that she excels at delivering. Her stories have a theme of exploring the darker realms of a woman, caused by the stereotypes of the society that she grows up in. Amy Adams, who plays the lead role, has a natural aura in her performance. The music escalates the ongoing story. Sharp Objects has all the qualities of a must-watch thriller series. The series features eight episodes with a running time close to an hour per episode.

3. True Detective

IMDb rating- 8.9

Produced by and starring Matthew McConaughey, True Detective is a US detective story, as the name suggests. A group of detectives and police officers investigate a series of homicides. The 3 season-long anthology crime series has won multiple Primetime Emmy Awards. The series features a total of 24 episodes. The running time of each episode is around an hour. It’s probably the best English thriller web series to watch on Disney+ Hotstar.

4. The Sopranos

IMDb rating- 9.3

The Sopranos is a 1999 crime drama. The story revolves around Tony Soprano, an Italian-American criminal. He juggles his life, between his criminal family and his love life. The 1999 drama presented a groundbreaking series, which later became a part of the pop-culture masterpieces. Sopranos features six seasons. Each episode is roughly 40-50 minutes long.

5. The Jinx: Robert Durst

IMDb rating – 8.7

After watching Andrew Jarecki’s movie All Good Things, based on Robert Durst’s life, Durst himself called the director to show his appreciation. Durst agreed to Andrew’s idea for interviewing him. The Jinx, a six-episode long crime documentary, follows the archives and interview of Durst’s criminal profile. Robert Durst, a real estate billionaire, was convicted for the murder of his wife, author-journalist Susan Berman and his neighbour. The docu-series is six-episode long. Each episode features a run time of 30-40 min

6. Chernobyl

IMDb rating- 9.4

As the name suggests, the HBO miniseries is based on the true events of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986. The HBO special provides the audience with a heart-wrenching depiction of the disaster. Chernobyl features some horrifying realities of the incident. This reality thriller drama is definitely able to evoke your emotions. Chernobyl is a five-episode long miniseries. Each episode has a run time of an hour.

7. Big Little Lies

IMDb rating – 8.5

Big Little Lies is an American crime drama series. Based on the novel, with the same name, by Liane Moriarty. The series stars Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley in the leads. The two season-long series has been the recipient of 4 Golden Globes and 8 Primetime Emmy Awards. The 2 season and 14 episodes long series, has a run time of 40 minutes, each episode.

8. Watchmen

IMDb rating – 8.2

Based on DC Comics, Watchmen is an action fiction series. Set in a dystopian world, Watchmen is one of the best series of its genre. The series won a collective of 11 Emmy Awards out of its 26 nominations. Watchmen features an hour-long, 9 episodes. It’s arguably the best English thriller web series to have come out on Disney+ Hotstar in recent times and it’s truly unfortunate that it might not get a second season.

9. The Wire

IMDb rating – 8.8

The Wire is a crime thriller American web series. The series spanned over 5 seasons between 2002 to 2005. The Wire dwells in a realistic urban lifestyle. It paints an honest portrait of society and the political forces. The Wire has a total of 60 episodes. Each episode features a run time of close to an hour. It’s one of the underrated English thriller web series and can be watched on Disney+ Hotstar.

10. The Americans

IMDb rating- 8.4

The Americans is a true thriller genre tv series. Set during the Cold War, the series revolves around a family in America. Although they seem normal, in reality, they were spies. The couple were sent by the Russian Government to spy on the American Government. Created by Joe Weisberg, the series spans over 6 seasons. It features a total of 75 episodes, with each episode spanning between 40 to 50 minutes.


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