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May 21, 2021 0 Comments

#Kolkata: Today is the fifth day after spending four nights. Three state heavyweights — Madan Mitra, Sovan Chatterjee and Subrata Mukherjee have been arrested in the Narad scam in the Woodburn block of SSKM Hospital. Anxiety has increased the stress of all three people. Subrata Mukherjee, Madan Mitra and Shovon Chattopadhyay, who were admitted to SSKM due to extreme stress and anxiety, are experiencing fluctuating blood pressure and sugar levels. So the hospital authorities had to use sedatives for their sleep.

According to hospital sources, Subrata Mukherjee has to undergo regular nebulizers due to respiratory problems. Blood pressure is fluctuating due to stress. Madan Mitra has a chronic COPD problem. Lung infection patches were detected last month due to corona infection Doctors are keeping an eye on the patch by doing chest x-ray every day. Shovon Chatterjee has heart problems. Echocardiography was performed on Thursday. He slept for a while in the afternoon. Dietitians are especially aware of his diet because he has a sugar problem.

It is to be mentioned that the doctors have made some changes in the medicine list of the three leaders on Thursday. They also have multiple physical exams on Friday. SSKM sources said that some more drugs may change after the report is matched. According to the news received till 8 in the morning, the three leaders are still sleeping.

On the other hand, according to Presidency Jail sources, the fever of Firhad Hakim, who is in jail custody, has decreased. Ate home meals at night. Firhad Hakim also talked to the lawyers till night. Today, the doctors of the jail hospital will examine him again.

On the other hand, the hearing of the Narada case has been adjourned till Thursday but the hearing of the case may be held on Friday. A notice was posted on the Calcutta High Court (Calcutta HC) website on Thursday stating that the division bench of the Acting Chief Justice was not sitting on the day due to special reasons. Therefore, the hearing of Narad’s case has been adjourned till Thursday. As a result, the jail custody of the four arrested leaders – Firhad Hakim, Madan Mitra, Subrata Mukherjee, Shovon Chattopadhyay is still in force. Today, the people of the state will keep an eye on which way the case will go.


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