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May 18, 2021 0 Comments

At its Google I/O 2021, Google has announced new AI-powered features that will be rolled out to its Google Photos app.
The new feature that the Google Photos app will be getting is called Cinematic moments. Building on the Cinematic photos feature launched last December, Google will add support for computational photography to bring images come to life.
Google explains this process by saying that usually when trying to capture a perfect photo, users end up clicking the same shot two or three times. The algorithm will use “neural networks to synthesise the movement between two nearly identical photos and fill in the gaps with new frames” to create vivid, moving images which are called Cinematic moments.

Other than this, Google Photos is also getting new features in terms of Memories. Firstly, the app is getting support for new Memories for things beyond photos from years past, recent highlights, moments with another person. This may include not-so-obvious visual patterns across pictures when the AI finds “a set of three or more photos that share things like shape or colour.” This addition to Google Photos is set to come later this year.
Another Memories-related feature that will soon be available in Google Photos later this year is moments — such as Diwali, Lunar New Year, Hanukkah — celebrated by its users.
Along with this, the app will also start showing Best of Month Memories and Trip highlights.
Google Photos is also set to make it easier to find controls when it comes to Memories. Google Photos already includes controls to hide photos of certain people or time periods.


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