WB Lockdown | Practically lockdown in the state, ‘no’ in transport, then how to get vaccinated?

May 15, 2021 0 Comments

#Kolkata: The state has virtually issued a lockdown. The guidelines, issued around 12 noon today, make it clear that the new restrictions will be issued in the state from 6 am to 30 May tomorrow. Government and private offices, all educational institutions and even public transport such as bus-metro or auto will be closed. But the question is, how will the general public participate in vaccination in this lockdown situation?

Navanna’s guidelines say that all vehicles will be closed in the state for the next 15 days. Route auto will not run, bus, tram, metro, taxi will be stopped. People are even forbidden to go out in private cars. However, there are exemptions for emergency / medical transport, transportation of essential goods.

In addition to this, you will get a discount in case of going for vaccination. In that case people can use private cars. There is no restriction on using auto / taxi. However, maintaining a social distance and wearing a mask is mandatory when going out on the streets. But in addition to all this, there is also the question of whether those who do not get customers for the whole day will get out the auto for the vaccine-customer. In that case, the biggest challenge for the state is to carry out vaccination smoothly.

This is clearly stated in the rules issued today. It is not possible to go out without an emergency from 9 pm to 5 am without an emergency. It has also been said that action will be taken according to the epidemic law if the rules are violated. All government and private offices in the state will be closed during this period, cinema halls, restaurants, park gyms, shopping malls will be closed.

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