Residents in coastal areas in Kannur and Kasaragod on high alert

May 14, 2021 0 Comments

Met Dept. warns that low pressure area in Arabian Sea could turn into a cyclone in next 24 hours

Residents residing along the coastline of Kannur and Kasaragod are on high alert after the meteorological department warned that the low pressure area in the Arabian Sea could turn into a cyclone in the next 24 hours.

After a red alert was issued in both the districts, people living on the coastline have packed their essential items ready to move to safer areas in case of an eventuality.

Over 150 families residing at Thayyil in Kannur have been facing seawater incursion. Every year, damage to houses and properties is reported here and people are forced to move to safer places for shelter.

Shameer Babu, a fisherman who lives near the Thayyil beach, said people had not received any instructions to move to safer places so far. But they lived here constantly in fear.

“There is a sea wall to prevent the water from entering the houses. But during the high tides, the water floods the houses here,” he said.

“All our pleas have fallen on deaf ears and now we are used to this situation. The sea walls can hardly protect as the water gushes into the houses here,” he said.

Over the years, the sea incursion has increased and there have been no effective steps taken to prevent the incursion, said Amaravathi, another resident, who has been residing here for the past 30 years.

There have been discussions about relocating the families to safer places, said Pradeep, another fisherman residing here. Most of the family members are into fishing. Unless the government provided a safer place close to the region, they would be forced to live here despite the danger, he observed.

It is no different in places such as Pettipalam Colony, Indira Priyadarshini Park, Palissery, Maakoottam, and Thalai in Thalassery, where residents have been facing the wrath of sea incursion. There are around 10 to 50 families residing in each of these areas, who are mainly dependent on fishing for their livelihood.

Dileesh Babu, a resident of Maakoottam, said that the families there were having a tough time as the sea water incursion has increased several fold.

The construction of a sea wall was stopped after the contractor died of COVID-19. Though the Irrigation department officials have ensured to take up the work, the families fear for their lives and property here, he added.

In Kasaragod, the District Collector D Sajith Babu said a 30-member National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has been deployed.

The Revenue, Fisheries and Coastal Police would be on high alert in the coastal areas of Mussodi, Cherangai, Kappil and Azhithala, Thaikadappuram, which includes populated areas, as the waves are expected to rise up to four meters. A 24-hour control room has been set up in four talukas. There is also a control room at the Collectorate. Police and firefighters were also instructed to be prepared to deal with any situation,


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