Pathological autopsy of body donor movement in Brajrao, debt repayment Bengali

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#Kolkata: There was a popular saying in Calcutta, “Who goes when people die, crows, vultures and Braj Roy.” Braj Roy, the main face of the Kolkata body donation movement, passed away at 10.40 am on Thursday in the city of Epidemic. But not all deaths are the same. One day, in the midst of Nehat’s sarcasm and a thousand crooked eyes, the one who went door to door to pay homage to the posthumous body, was also ridiculed by the market. At the initiative of the health department, the body of Braj Roy was selected for the pathological autopsy of the deceased who had corona. On the day of the death of a corona patient, such a scientific step is an example for the whole of India, and the city of Kolkata is proud. He who had torn his throat for three and a half decades with his body donation, his body should be cremated according to the Corona Protocol, but courtesy of the Health Department, the pioneer of the body donation movement, the ever-smiling man, got the status he deserved.

An autopsy is done after death in case of murder or suicide. From there the cause of death came out. However, there is a difference between pathological autopsy and general autopsy. Explaining where it is different, R.G. Somnath Das, a forensic specialist at Kar Medical College Hospital. The three-member team that conducted the autopsy today was led by Somnath Das. “The importance of this autopsy is different in Corona because the general autopsy reveals the main cause of death, but the pathological autopsy shows exactly what changes took place in the body of the deceased before death. Thorough changes are detected. The importance of observation is immense. We have not seen this incident in the whole of eastern India in the Corona period. We have not even heard of any AIIMS performing this pathological autopsy. A new direction will be revealed when the report is published. ” Needless to say, that’s what Braj Roy wanted.

In the mid-1980s, Braj Roy and his friends felt the need to build a movement to emphasize the importance of body donation. A group called Ganadarpan started with 5 people. On November 5, 1986, on the 95th birthday of JBS Holden, Braj Roy attended a meeting of 34 people in the meeting room of the Subarna Banik Samaj and participated in the posthumous donation drive. This is the beginning of an important social movement. Braj Roy used to say that the posthumous movement is for building a world of reason. Ganadarpan was the second body donation organization in India and the first in East India.

On May 8, Braj Roy was admitted to SSKM Hospital in critical condition. A couple of days later, Kovid tested positive and was shifted to Shambhunath Pandit Hospital. Braj Roy died at 11 a.m. on Thursday. Ganadarpan made an application to the health department. He was asked for a special autopsy. The health department responded to that request.

Note that not only Ganadarpan, Braj Roy also has other political identities. In the first phase of his life, he was the shadow of freedom fighter Ananta Singh. In post-independence Bengal, Ananta Singh’s party joined the armed coup planned by the RCCI (Revolutionary Communist Council of India) and spent a long time in prison as a political prisoner. When the Left came to power in 1986, Braj Roy was released along with others in the party. The new innings begins.


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