300 Oxygen bed facility open for Covid-19 patients at Sheela Nagar, Vizag

May 14, 2021 0 Comments

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A 300 Oxygen bed facility, constructed by ‘Sanjeevani’ Pragathi Bharat Foundation, started admissions at Vikas Vidyanikethan, Sheela Nagar in Vizag on Friday. The initiative was taken by Rajya Sabha MP M Vijayasai Reddy to ensure that not a single patient infected with Covid-19, dies due to lack of oxygen. The Covid Care Centre is going to provide medicines and food for the patients. Those admitted can regularly contact their families and know their health status from the doctors at the Covid Care Centre. Two ambulances have been made available round the clock, provided by the Health Department. The facility will also include a lab to get the reports of patients. 

The centre provides medical services in collaboration with the staff of the District Medical Health Department, Andhra Medical College. Every 30 patients will be taken care of by a doctor and two nurses in three shifts. Covid-19 patients referred from other government colleges and direct admissions can utilise this facility. The facility will also have an RT-PCR test sample collection point. 

Oxygen supply of 12 thousand cubic meters

The infrastructure at the centre was set up at the expense of the Pragathi Bharat Foundation. Established with a capacity of 300 beds, the Covid Care Centre facility in Vizag will provide a continuous Oxygen supply to all the beds. To deliver what has been promised, infrastructure to the tune of 12 thousand cubic meters of Oxygen has been provided. The centre will provide two 6.5 kiloliter tankers with a capacity of 3,750 cubic meters each, 200 cylinders with a capacity of 10 cubic meters each, 200 cylinders with a capacity of 7.5 cubic meters each and 150 Oxygen concentrators that can produce 1,000 cubic meters of Oxygen. “Oxygen is continuously being supplied to the Centre through a pipeline. Two Oxygen tankers and 200 large Oxygen cylinders are being used for this purpose,” said MP Vijayasai Reddy.

Arrangements to stop oxygen supply in case of problems

The Covid Care Centre has been provided during emergency times when there is an inconvenience in the supply of Oxygen through the pipeline. Oxygen cylinders and concentrators are placed next to the patient’s bed at this facility in Vizag. A total of 160 beds on the ground floor including 80 Oxygen cylinders with a capacity of 47 litres and another 80 Oxygen concentrators have been accommodated with immediate effect. Another 140 beds that are on the first floor include 70 Oxygen cylinders with a capacity of 47 litres and another 70 Oxygen concentrators. 

To ensure continuous Oxygen supply, 50 cylinders will be used to fill the empty cylinders from time to time. 30 Oxygen Concentrators are set up at the Covid Care Centre in Vizag, occupying even the lobby at various locations. Also, 20 concentrators are kept in reserve to replace these concentrators, in case of any repairs.

Oxygen reserves sufficient for three days

Patients are being treated on all the 300 beds, and estimating a full oxygen supply, the Covid Care Centre will require an average of 6 litres per minute and 2,500 cubic meters per day. On such days, the centre will have enough oxygen storage to provide for four days. In addition, arrangements are being made to ensure the availability of Oxygen for the subsequent two days.

Five thousand cubic meters of Oxygen will be available at any time at the Pragathi Bharat Covid Care Centre. 

Remdesivir for free

As Remdesivir turns out to be one of the most important injections to treat Covid-19 patients, the centre will be providing injections for those patients who require it immediately, free of cost. Medicines and other medical assistance required by any patients will be provided by the District Medical and Health Department.  


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