Radhe Leaked Online: Salman Khan’s Theatre Deprived Action-Flick Suffers Another Blow – See Latest

May 13, 2021 0 Comments

While Salman stayed faithful to his commitment, some infamous and illegal websites exploited the circumstances and released the whole film online illegally. Shockingly, the full film has been made downloadable free-of-cost, and that too in superior quality.

It’s still a mystery whether the watchers will decide to go to theaters to watch Radhe or watch it on ZEE5. This Radhe Leak has surely created some controversy around the already-hyped film. 

Meanwhile, ZEE5 and Salman Khan Films (SKF) have vowed to provide support towards COVID-19 relief work across the nation, including the donation of essential medical equipment ranging from oxygen cylinders, concentrators, and ventilators, from the revenue earned by Radhe. 

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In the interim, ZEE5 and Salman Khan Films (SKF) have pledged to offer help towards COVID-19 alleviation work the in-country, including the gifting of fundamental clinical gear ranging from oxygen chambers, concentrators, and ventilators, from the income procured by Radhe’s box office and selling rights. 

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Radhe Movie is currently available at various Torrents and Pirate sites with over 1 Million illegal downloads and removing them isn’t working as many users are using VPN servers to access the illegal content. 


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