The highest saturation is 96%, the state of emergency guidelines to prevent oxygen starvation

May 12, 2021 0 Comments

#Kolkata: The whole country is suffering from Corona in India. Bengali is not left out either. Record infections and deaths occur every day. And in this situation, oxygen is becoming very necessary in the whole country. In India, the number of patients who have died due to lack of oxygen alone is not known. So, guessing the situation, the state health department gave new guidelines for the hospitals.

The Department of Health issued a guideline on Wednesday stating that covid patients should have 92-96% oxygen saturation. Once 98% saturation, there is no need to give oxygen. Having 96% saturation means the patient will be healthy. According to the state health department, all the hospitals and nursing homes in the state need to ensure the supply of oxygen. An Assistant Superintendent will be in charge of this whole matter. According to the new guidelines of the health department, the responsibility of oxygen nursing management should also be specified in each hospital. And a nurse will be in charge of this.

Incidentally, Mamata Banerjee has been sworn in as Chief Minister for the third time. And since then he has started sending about one letter a day to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Every one of those letters asking for help for the state in Corona. Which is considered by the political circles as the subtle politics of Mamata. Recently, the Chief Minister of the state, Corona, demanded from the Prime Minister a tax exemption on the necessary Kovid medical equipment from increasing the oxygen supply in the situation.

Earlier, in a letter, the Bengal Chief Minister had also written to Modi about the state’s ‘oxygen shortage’. He wrote in a letter with statistics on the demand and supply of oxygen in the state, ‘The situation in Corona is getting worse every day in Bengal as well. So the demand for oxygen is also increasing at a huge rate. At that time, the Chief Minister wrote, the daily demand for oxygen was 480 metric tons. But the state is now getting only 306 metric tons of oxygen per day on an average. The Chief Minister mentioned in the letter, ‘In the next 7-8 days, 550 metric tons of oxygen will be needed. So that the center does not take the oxygen produced in the state, and the necessary oxygen is supplied.

However, no reply has been received from the Center so far. In this situation, the state health department has issued new guidelines to prevent wastage of oxygen in the state.

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