Kolkata Police: Kolkata police saved the lives of 63 corona patients! Gather oxygen in 2 hours

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#Kolkata: Humans are vulnerable to the corona virus. Since the beginning of last year, the virus has gripped the entire world, including the country. The deadly virus spread from Yuhan in China to the rest of the world. Don’t take the form of superhuman today. Every day thousands of people are infected with this virus. There are no hospital beds. No oxygen. In this situation, the Kolkata police set an example from the side of the people. Kolkata police saved the lives of 63 corona patients.

A private hospital in Goriya suddenly ran out of oxygen. The oxygen cylinder did not arrive at the refill station on time due to mechanical malfunction. Meanwhile, 73 covid patients need oxygen in the hospital. The hospital had only two hours of oxygen support. In this situation, the Kolkata police came to know about the incident. It was half past nine at night. Upon receiving the news, several teams and the Calcutta Police Hospital started working. We quickly procured a total of 82 cylinders from various oxygen suppliers, Calcutta Police Hospital and industrial oxygen manufacturer Lind.

By eleven o’clock at night, all the cylinders were delivered to the hospital, which saved the lives of 63 people, and a short delay could have been catastrophic. Relievingly, the 72 oxygen cylinders stuck at the refill station also arrived at the hospital late at night. This news was reported by Kolkata Police on their social media page i.e. Facebook today. Many people have told Kurnish about their work. The Kolkata police used the tag ‘I’m by my side as much as possible.’ The Kolkata Police really set a precedent by saving the lives of 63 patients in this time of danger. Every day thousands of people are being infected with corona. There is a lack of oxygen from the hospital bed. It is difficult to save a person’s life in this situation. Delivering the oxygen cylinder so fast in that situation is really commendable.

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