Goa Sees 41% Positivity Rate As India Faces Brutal Second Wave

May 7, 2021 2 Comments

Even as India sees a second Covid-19 wave, its Goa and Delhi that are leading the board when it comes to the Covid-19 positivity rate.

A Times of India report showed Goa taking the lead with the highest coronavirus positivity rate of 41% between April 21 and May 4. The 14-day period witnessed high levels of infection rates as the state grappled with a public health crisis.

Delhi, coming in at a second place, saw a fortnightly positive rate of 21%, falling just behind Goa and slightly ahead of West Bengal as more cases came to light. The rate spiked up to 32% by the 14-day period, marking the region as one of the worst-hit Covid hot spots in India.

The report said that Delhi was among 13 states where the positivity rate was over 21%.

Goa witnessed a record high of 3869 fresh cases on Thursday, taking the total up to 1,08,267 new cases, among which 29,752 cases are still positive, with the rest being duly discharged. The union territory therefore amassed a total of 1,08,267 cases with the total deaths summing up to 1,501.

The national capital, on the other hand, saw as many as 19,133 new cases, despite the positivity rate ranging less than 25% since Thursday, May 6. Though the death toll stands at 18,398 as of Thursday, Delhi also saw 11.64 lakh number of recovered cases as the national capital fights back against the deadly virus.

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