5 reasons why we’ll miss going to the beaches of Vizag during curfew

May 5, 2021 0 Comments

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The partial curfew begins and all the things that we love about Vizag are going to have to take a break. No more driving on the beach road, going to Jagadamba for a movie, sitting at Bean Board and having coffee with your friends, sitting on one of the beaches of Vizag, watching the waves come and go. Now, it’s just sitting at home, doing your work, watching movies on some OTT platform over and over.

One of our favourite places to be in Vizag is the beach. Now be it RK beach or Rushikonda beach or Yarada beach, we all have our favourites but there’s no question as to whether Vizag loves its beaches or not. For tourists, it’s a place to see and explore. But for the people of Vizag, it’s a place to have some casual fun. From playing beach sports like volleyball to just taking a casual stroll along the shores, beaches are where the people of Vizag come alive.

But thinking about the light at the end of the tunnel, here are a few reasons we are going to miss being at Vizag beaches during this curfew and why we’d be rushing to the beach once Covid-19 is gone.

#1 Hearing the waves, feeling peaceful

Not many cities in the world offer beaches for all kinds of purposes. Vizagites are very lucky that way. If you’re a morning person, you can go to RK beach and have a walk or check out the sunrise at Yarada. If you’re an evening person, you can find yourself at RK beach, just to witness a beautiful sunset against the backdrop of a glimmering Vizag port. But no matter the time, no matter which beach, if you’re seeking some peace of mind, you go to a beach.

#2 Meeting people from different backgrounds

The beaches of Vizag attract tourists from all corners of the world. These tourists bring in their own culture and add to the local flavour. But now, with the curfew imposed, not only are tourists not coming to the beach but we ourselves are unable to go.

Speaking from personal experience, I once met this group of Russians at Rushikonda beach who was on an India tour and was planning to see Vizag along with Araku. They were very welcoming, shared their food and played volleyball with me. In exchange, I told them all I know about Vizag.

#3 To have a walk on the sand

There are many hours you can spend walking along the stretches of one of the many beaches of Vizag. Maybe, you’re with your partner and it’s a moment of deep connection between the two of you. Or maybe, you are all by yourself. Either way, anyone who lives in Vizag must have walked on a beach at some or the other point.

You don’t feel tired or bored. You are just relaxed and worriless. You probably turn a bit philosophical. You might put your headphones on and listen to some music while you leave your footprints over sand that will soon be washed over.

#4 Food by the beach

In Vizag, where there are beaches, there’s also delicious food around. If you’re at Rushikonda beach, you have some Maggi or some coconut water, along with some delish chicken skewers. On the other hand, RK beach provides so much variety in flavour that your tongue will salivate merely at the thought of being there. Naturally, you’ll miss eating at the beach while the curfew goes on.

#4 Beach sports

Any beach in Vizag also witnesses a large number of young crowds. The youth of the city usually come to the beach to have some fun with their friends. This can involve a lot of things but one of them is sports. Now, there are quite a few sports like cricket and volleyball that people play on the beaches of Vizag and they all add to the vibe that we associate with a beach.

It will be a while before things get back to normal and we can freely go to the beach again. But when we do, certainly, we’d all be doing the above-mentioned things.


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