Railways cancels and adds special trains passing through Visakhapatnam

May 4, 2021 0 Comments

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The Indian Railways had earlier launched special trains, between Visakhapatnam, Puri, Gunupur, and Yesvantpur, to meet the rising demand from passengers. These trains have helped a large number of people to commute within, and across, the states.

Since the past few days, Andhra Pradesh has been registering an alarming increase in the number of Covid-19 positive cases. The state has been forced to certain measures to reduce the spread. On this account, the Waltair Division of East Coast Railway (ECoR), has cancelled the following special trains.

Puri – Gunupur – Puri special train cancelled (Train No. 08417/ 08418)

Train No. 08417 Puri – Gunupur special train will be cancelled, with effect from 05 May 2021. Train No. 08418 Gunupur – Puri special train will be cancelled, with effect from 06 May 2021.

Originally, the 08417 Puri – Gunupur Covid Special train left Puri at 09:30 AM and reached Gunupur station at 08:50 PM.
Originally, the 08418 Gunupur – Puri Covid Special train left Gunupur at 06:00 AM and reached Puri station at 03:45 PM.

Visakhapatnam-Raipur-Visakhapatnam cancelled (Trains No. 08528/08527)

The following trains have been cancelled in view of the safety-related modernisation works and bridge rebuilding works in the Sambalpur Division of East Coast Railway:

Train No. 08528 Visakhapatnam-Raipur special leaving Visakhapatnam on 05 May 2021 and train no. 08527 Raipur-Visakhapatnam special leaving Raipur on 05 May 2021 are cancelled. The 08528 Visakhapatnam-Raipur special leaves Visakhapatnam at 04:25 AM and reaches Raipur at 08:00 PM.
The 08527 Raipur-Visakhapatnam special leaves Raipur at 05:30 AM and reaches Visakhapatnam at 06:40 PM.


The following special trains have been incorporated to meet the rising demand in the Mysuru – Danapur route:

Train No. 06216 Mysuru – Danapur Summer Special Express will leave Mysuru at 11.00 AM on 06 May 2021 (Thursday) and will reach Danapur at 08:45 PM on 08 May 2021(Saturday). This special train will make one trip only.

These one-way special trains by Railways will have a halt at Visakhapatnam at 07:55 – 08:15 PM on 07 May 2021, Khurda Road at 01:40/01:50 am and Bhadrak 05:43 – 05:45 AM on 08 May 2021 over East Coast Railway.

The train will have a composition of 20 coaches comprising 14 Sleeper coaches, 4 Second class coaches and 2 Second class luggage cum brake – vans.

Yesvantpur – Howrah – Yesvantpur special (Three trips only) (Train No. 06597/ 06598)

In view of increasing cases of Covid-19 and to contain the spread of the infection the following trains will witness a reduction in services:

Train No. 06597 Yesvantpur – Howrah special train will run on Thursday 06 May 2021. Train No. 06598 Howrah-Yesvantpur special train will run on Tuesday 11 May 2021. The trains will follow all its existing stoppages and composition.

The 06597 Yesvantpur – Howrah special train leaves Yesvantpur at 09:55 AM and reaches Howrah at 06:30 PM.

The 065978 Howrah – Yesvantpur special train will leave Howrah at 12:40 AM and reaches Yesvantpur at 08:40 PM.

Earlier these trains were announced to run between 22 May 2021 and 29 June 2021. Now the trains will make only three trips.

All passengers travelling through these special trains have been requested by Indian Railways to strictly follow Covid-19 norms – wear a mask, sanitise your hands and maintain physical distancing with your co-passengers.


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