A collage of affection and love on the stage of victory, Mamata’s victory-companion Joy Ajania’s mind!

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#Kolkata: The day is February 23. The blaze of assembly votes ignited in the sky of Bengal. Meanwhile, a house in Bhabanipur was suddenly snatched by the ‘spotlight’ of the country’s media on that day. ‘Santiniketan’. Abhishek Banerjee is one of the residents of the house. A team of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is coming to the house of the Chief Minister’s ‘nephew’ or Trinamool MP on the same day in the midst of the colorful Bengal polls. ‘Occasion’ to interrogate Abhishek’s wife Rujira Banerjee in the state’s coal smuggling case. The grassroots have been agitating since that morning. Meanwhile, Mamata suddenly appeared in ‘Santiniketan’. Entered at the speed of the storm, was only ten minutes. When he left, with ‘Adarer’ Ajania- Abhishek’s daughter. After a few seconds, Mamata sent Ajania inside the house. Outside the CBI, the coal scandal, the vote politics, everything seemed to form a ‘apolitical’ frame of affection in those few seconds.

Cut that day outside ‘Santiniketan’. May 2. Trinamool’s ‘Didi’ snatched a record victory by fighting with the ‘biggest’ team in the world almost without a ‘shield-sword’. Mamata has spent the entire election cycle in a wheelchair since she was injured in the leg at Birulia in Nandigram on March 11. He stood on his own two feet today, when he confirmed that Narendra Modi, Amit Shah’s skyscraper tour and ‘Nishchit’ ‘Dosho Par’ would be mixed in the dust and go back to Navanne. Not only did he confirm, he showed a good saying, yes, ‘Bangla wants its own daughter.’ He was under house arrest all day. ‘Strongroom’ in Kalighat’s house. From there the news of the whole kingdom is coming to him. And it is becoming clear that the grassroots is going to have ‘unexpected’ results. Outside the house, there was a crowd of grassroots activists and supporters. He left that afternoon. Even if not his own, the victory of the kingdom is strongly assured then. Ajania came holding Mamta’s hand. When Mamata gets up on the small stage and thanks everyone, that sweet face is next to her. And even while showing Mamata’s victory sign, there is no Dordandapratap leader or Abhishek Banerjee of the Trinamool, Ajania is Mamata’s accomplice, trusted companion. Even the two little fingers of the hand seemed to say, ‘We have won!’ This election in Bengal could change the course of India’s future political landscape. And the stage of victory in that election also seemed to have become very different in Azaniya’s childhood, wrapped in a very different, spiritual, affectionate love.

Ajania won the heart One of the ‘issues’ in the hands of the BJP in the entire election period was ‘Tolbaj Vaipo’. Abhishek Banerjee, with whom this attack took place, was a ‘cloud-covered star’ today. Abhishek reached out to Mamata realizing the winning trend. A brief discussion of Mamata-Abhishek was also captured on media cameras. But Oitukui, not the father, is Mamata’s constant companion today, little Ajania. Many in the grassroots are saying in a happy tone, ‘Didi is a pious person. He also announced the list of candidates by looking at ‘time’. That sister will not have any lucky skin, what is it? Ajaniai has probably become Didi’s lucky skin. ‘ Speaking of light rice. However, it cannot be blown away. Since growing up, Mamata and Ajania have been seen walking around the house pujo many times. But the way Mamata is bringing Ajania with her even in the strong political ‘range’ in the atmosphere of the Bengal vote is fascinating many. And in the sweet nature of Ekaratti, that fascination is increasing several times.

Ajania with parents Ajania grew up in the main political family of the moment in the state of Ajania with her parents. Abhishek Banerjee was asked in an exclusive interview with News18Bangla in the last phase of this election, “When you open the television screen, you can see that the Prime Minister or the Home Minister, even the big and small leaders of the BJP are attacking you as a thief.” Does it affect your children? What do you mean by that? ‘ The eloquent Abhishek replied, ‘Ajania is facing these issues and at this age she is beginning to understand little by little why this is happening. I explained to him the status of the Prime Minister and the importance of the Prime Minister’s seat. I have understood that this seat should always be respected. ‘ He even warned the little girl to say ‘daddy’, she may have to face such comments in the future and she should be ready for it now. The picture says Ajania is ‘ready’. He is not old enough to be fully aware of political knowledge. But the joy of victory, the pomp of politics as if the little girl is visualizing with her hands and pen. He is also becoming a part of ‘Victory’ by sharing the stage with the Chief Minister of the state. How many wins came, how many defeats, how many pictures were made, how many chances of making pictures died on the field. However, on May 2, a historic day in Bengal, not one but two ‘show stoppers’ came and stood on the political stage of Kalighat. A golden frame wrapped in love is made … —Sumon believes


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