5 entertaining Telugu web series to watch on YouTube and Aha

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Working from home, and people staying indoors during weekends has inculcated a family binge culture. With movies being watched continuously, hours have been spent searching what to watch next. Web series, with a number of seasons and episodes, occupy a week or so and have turned into an alternative to the regional television serials. Here is your quick search result for the best Telugu web series.

#1 Software DevLOVEper

As the name goes, this series is an Indian web developer’s tryst with love. YouTube has been a creator’s home and Shanmukh Jaswanth’s platform for a three million subscriber base. A relatable story, of every software engineer, this series acts as a gentle reminder to every kid, whose only ambition was to be an engineer, hoping that everything would fall in place. This series aspires to advise young engineers on how to go about impressing a girl. The series garnered about five million views on its 10th episode. It’s one of the best Telugu web series to have come out in the last year.

This series can be watched on Shanmukh Jaswanth’s YouTube channel. Series makers have indicated a sequel for Software DevLOVEper.

#2 Masti’s

Masti’s is a depiction of how relationships contrive in a posh urban lifestyle. Masti’s is a lounge bar and the whole story revolves around the sets of this bar. A manager, a waitress, a model, a filmmaker and his wife, share a larger-than-work relationship. Mastis sorts this entangled love story. The series stars Navdeep as the lead and Masti’s has been his first-ever web series.

This series can be watched on Aha.

#3 CommitMental

CommitMental, A Telugu remake of the popular hindi web series Permanent Roommates

CommitMental is a remake of the Hindi-language Permanent Roommates web series. Big Boss 3 fame, Punarnavi Bhupalam plays the lead role opposite Udhav Raghunanda. This romantic comedy is the story of a US return, a long-distance lover boy Phani, and his crush, Anu. Two of them decide a live-in initially, which results in unforeseen consequences. CommitMental has been The Viral Fever’s first-ever production for Aha.

This series can be watched on Aha.

#4 Locked

Locked stars Satyadev Kancharna as a neurosurgeon with a peculiar way of treating his patients. Locked depicts this neurosurgeon as someone who is so intrigued with his research but not many knowing of the dark side of his research. Locked is the Telugu industry’s first taunt thriller and director Pradeep Dev Kumar’s experiment in this genre.

This series can be watched on Aha.

#5 Geetha Subramanyam

A radio jockey, Geetha (Nakshatraa) and an IT employee Subramanyam (Karthik), falling in love and their chemistry is what Geetha Subramanyam is all about. This series is a discussion of rediscovering love. Funny gags, constant bickering and cutesy fights add to this new-age romance comedy series. A Telugu web series that you can watch with your partner on a Sunday evening.

This series can be watched on Aha.


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