Lucknow Samaritans Set Up ‘Self-Reliant’ Medical Room for Covid-19 Patients Inside Apartment

May 1, 2021 0 Comments

In today’s time when there is a crunch of beds in hospitals, some samaritans of Lucknow have set a perfect example of being ‘self-reliant’. Residents of a housing society in the state capital have not just set up a medical room for Covid-19 patients in their premises but also have cured more than 25 people with the help of professional doctors.

This unique medical Room set up for Covid-19 patients at MI Rustle Court housing society in Gomti Nagar Extension is a boon for hundreds of residents of the society where they are being provided with medical help, oxygen, medicines, food, and even hospitalization in some cases. Till date, more than 77 people of this society, who have tested positive, have been helped by this facility. Out of these, almost 25 people have been successfully cured.

The facility was the brain-child of a businessman residing in this locality, Anshu Mishra.

Speaking to news18, Anshu Mishra said, “I was in Odisha, when my wife informed me that she and my two kids have tested positive for Covid-19. I immediately rushed back to my house and found the situation very depressing. Even I tested positive for Covid-19 after two days, however, I wanted to help everyone through this situation.”

“I formed a WhatsApp group with one of my friends, HK Singh, and added all the responsible and senior members of the society which also included doctors Dr Ubaid Ur Rehman, Dr Priya Singh, Dr Rajneesh Srivastava, Dr Ashish Pratap Singh and Dr. Deepak Bhadoria. Our sole aim was to treat the Covid-19 patients within the apartment premises, but with professional care. We knew that hospitals were already overwhelmed with cases.”

From oxygen cylinders to pulse oximeters, isolation beds, wheel-chairs and stretchers and an expert panel of doctors, the facility is helping the covid-19 positive residents of the society to recover without putting any extra burden on the government or private hospitals. The initiative has also been lauded by many senior officers of the UP Health Department.

The initiative is also providing round-the-clock consultation to the Covid-19 patients of the society. “I think if we leave three to four cases where hospitalization was required, we didn’t let anyone go out of the apartment premises and provided them professional treatment along with oxygen. We are equipped to deal with any critical medical emergency inside our premises,” said Anshu Mishra.

“For oxygen we spoke to our builder Qadir Ali and he helped us with oxygen cylinders, provided food and medicines to those who were in home isolation. This was possible due to the team work as everyone who came forward and helped us, especially Anuj Sharma, Vishal Singh, Sachin Gupta, Sudeep, Neeraj Chaturvedi, Aditya Kulshreshta, Nitin, Vivek Chugani and Subhash Dwivedi, all residents of the MI Rustle Court society. I would also like to request people that if we adopt this model then we will not have to depend on government facilities. We should be prepared as this corona time is not going to end anytime soon,” said Anshu Mishra and also added that no help from any outsider or any organization was taken in the whole process and everything was done with co-operation of the residents of the society.

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