Exhaustion of corona, suicide in Kolkata with a rope around the neck to be attacked!

May 1, 2021 0 Comments

#Kolkata: The Corona situation in Bengal is also taking a terrible shape. The daily infection has reached 18,000, and the death toll is around 100 crore. In this situation, the state government has also taken the path of partial lockdown. But in the situation that has become horrible, mental exhaustion, panic is engulfing the masses. The corona patient’s hanging body was recovered in Kolkata (Corona Patient Dead Body in Kolkata). The incident took place in East Puttiari of Regent Park police station area.

According to local sources, the 81-year-old corona died at home. His hanging body was recovered from his home. Three days ago, the patient’s corona test report came positive. In the initial investigation, the police suspect that it was due to that depression. According to police sources, the patient’s corona was caught on Saturday. Since then he has been in home isolation. His hanging body was recovered from a room in the house on Saturday morning.

On the other hand, the bodies of a woman affected by a corona were also recovered from a flat on Fern Road in Goriyahat police station area. According to local sources, the 49-year-old woman lived alone at home. The woman named Sandhya Mahato was attacked by Corona a few days ago. Neighbors have not heard from him since Friday afternoon. Then they called the police station. 6 hours later, the police broke down the door and recovered the body of Sandhyadevi.

And in the midst of this increase in corona, vaccination is closed in several hospitals in Kolkata today. Corona vaccination is closed today and tomorrow in many places. The general public has complained of ‘harassment’ while going to get vaccinated at MR Bangur Hospital. Where, when the vaccination, exactly the health building, said MR Bangur authorities.

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