The day before the counting of votes, Mamata Banerjee called a party meeting Mamata banerjee calls for a tmc team members meeting before the counting day pb– News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: Assembly elections are going on in the state. The last round of elections is on Thursday. Counting on Sunday, May 2nd! On this day it will be known which way the next political wind of the state will blow! But the Trinamool leader called a meeting on the previous day, Saturday at 12 noon. The meeting will be virtual. All the candidates on behalf of the party have been directed to attend the meeting. Candidate’s agents must also be present. There will be party candidates, leaders like Subrata Bokshi and Dola Sen will also be present at the meeting. But what did Mamata Banerjee call this meeting? Exactly one day before the counting of votes, speculation has started in the political arena.

Incidentally, the Election Commission has issued new guidelines on vote counting today. No candidate or his agent will be allowed to enter the counting center unless two doses of corona vaccine have been taken or a valid negative report has been received 48 hours before the day of Bengal Election Counting. According to the new guidelines of the commission, under no circumstances should the counting day be crowded outside the counting center. Besides, it has been informed that the list of agents to be given by a candidate for counting should be given three days before the counting, i.e. tomorrow, April 29, at 5 pm.

In this case, a question arises, that is about vaccines and counting. The vaccine is coming in the open market of the country from the 1st. So far, those under the age of 45 have not been vaccinated. From May 1, people over the age of 18 will be given the covid vaccine. So how can people under the age of 45 be at the counting center that day? This is the question! Now what did the grassroots leader decide in the meeting!

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