Mamata’s ‘Upen Da’ left the grassroots at the end of the vote! What happened suddenly?

April 28, 2021 0 Comments

#Kolkata: In the West Bengal Assembly Election 2021, this time the ‘game’ of change of party was a very important chapter. Suvendu Adhikari, Rajeeb Banerjee and several other leaders, ministers and MPs have joined the BJP. That game of change of party was going on till the very first moment of voting. But with just a few days to go before the results of the polls are announced, the last round of voting in Bengal on Thursday, just before the Trinamool, was severed by former bureaucrat Upen Biswas.

Upen Biswas, who became the Additional Director of CBI in 2002, joined hands with Mamata Banerjee to seize power in Bengal after 34 years of Left rule. Upen Biswas, who sent Lalu Prasad to jail in an animal feed case, was very close to Mamata Banerjee, according to party insiders. He is the one who sent a letter to Trinamool state president Subrata Bokshi and resigned from the primary membership of the party. He has also resigned from the Trinamool core committee. As usual, Upen Biswas’s resignation has caused a stir in Ghasful Shibir.

Incidentally, Mamata also made Upen Biswas a minister of the backward class welfare department by making him a standing MLA. Later, after losing the election, the Trinamool leader also gave him the post of cabinet minister in the ST-SC commission. Upen Biswas was also the party’s CBI adviser. He resigned on Wednesday.

But why did he leave the party at the very end of the vote? According to the source, for the time being, he has brought forward the ‘family’ reason in the first place. However, the Trinamool is also considering whether there is any possibility of him joining the BJP.

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