CBN Reaches Children Across Middle East with Superbook: ‘I Love My Living God’

April 27, 2021 0 Comments

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CBN has still found a number of ways to provide gospel resources online and on the ground for children in the Middle East through Superbook.  

Recently, the Superbook team revamped its YouTube strategy by posting weekly episodes in both classical Arabic and Egyptian Arabic. 

The channel has already received over 45,000 views this month.  

A variety of online features are also available for parents and children such as interactive lessons to help apply what is learned in stories to real life. 

By visiting, users can find fun and entertaining games for children of all ages.

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Additionally, CBN’s Cairo team has visited rural areas of Egypt to provide food and resources to families struggling through the pandemic. They’ve also hosted after-school events for local children and orphans. 

One team member shared a story about a 7-year-old girl who had been praying over the winter for a new coat because her old one was too small. 

She was so excited when the Cairo team gave her a warm coat right when she needed it. The young girl said, “I love my living God who hears my prayers and answers it in the best way!”

In February, the group organized six events for children throughout five different villages in El Minia. The children played games, were given a hot meal and toy, then participated in spiritual time. 

And the Cairo team helped five different churches reopen their Sunday school meetings after closing due to COVID. Superbook events were held in Luxor, Quna, Nagah Hamady, and Alexandria where online training was held on how to use Superbook’s Bible-based curriculum.

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