APDCA starts supply of Remdesivir to private hospitals in Visakhapatnam

April 27, 2021 0 Comments

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There is a high demand on the Remdesivir injections in the Visakhapatnam District. People have been reaching out on social media as well to obtain the Remdesivir vials due to its non availability. Owing to the high demand of the drug in the situation of panic, respective suppliers are hoarding prices. It is even being sold in the black market for a higher cost in several cities. In response to the high demand, the AP Government decided to supply the Remdesivir injection to hospitals the Visakhapatnam District via the Andhra Pradesh Drug Control Administration (APDCA).

The Drug Control Administration, Visakhapatnam District as on 27 April 2021 received 2695 Vials of Remdesivir injections from the Managing Director, APMSIDC, Mangalagiri. On basis on payment, the allocation of Remdesivir injections was done by the District Medical & Health Officer, Visakhapatnam. On 27 April, the Drugs Control Administration of Visakhapatnam started distributing Remdesivir Injections to Government notified Covid-19 hospitals in the Visakhapatnam District. As many as 1274 Remdesivir Injections were distributed among 29 hospitals in the city.


This process is to be continued and the remaining Injections would be issued to the remaining Government notified Covid-19 hospitals as and when they approach the Drug Control Administration with a Demand Draft in favour of MD, APMSIDC, Payable at Mangalagiri.

In a press statement released by the Assistant Director, Drug Control Administration,Visakhapatnam, the district is allotted another 1152 Remdesivir Injections which are expected to reach by 28 April night.

COVID-19 Update: Visakhapatnam, on Tuesday, recorded 1,067 new COVID-19 cases over the past 24 hours. Vizag so far has registered 75,834 positive cases among which 8,249 are active cases and 66,964 patients have recovered. A total of 621 deaths have been reported in the district.

As many as 10,51,980 cases have been registered in Andhra Pradesh, out of which 9,44,734 individuals have been discharged. Death toll has reached 7,800.


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