Check out Sunday’s Shubh Muhurat, Rahu Kaal and Other Details

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If you are heading to carry out some important tasks that might have long-term effects, then taking a look at panchang may prove helpful. Following the Vedic calendar, one may be able to take full advantage of auspicious timings that may benefit and bring prosperity. According to the Hindu calendar, April 25, 2021, is the Shukla Paksha, Trayodashi 2078 Aananda, Vikrama Samvata. The day will be Sunday or Raviwara and will mark Mahavir Jayanti.

Mahavir Jayanti: April 25 will mark the 2,619th birth anniversary of Lord Mahavir, who is one of the most revered saints of Jainism. The 24th and the last Jain sage was also known as Vardhamana, who established core principles of Jainism. Mahavir was born at Kundagrama which is now situated in the Vaishali district of Bihar.

Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise and Moonset Time:

The day will begin with Sunrise at 05:46 am while the sunset will be at 06:53 pm. The moonrise on April 25 will occur at 04:58 pm while moonset time is at 05:14am am on April 26.

Tithi, Nakshatra and Rashi Details:

Trayodashi will remain upto 04:12 PM, after which Chaturdashi tithi will begin. Nakshatra for the day will be Hasta upto 01:55 AM, April 26, after which Chitra will start. The Moon will be in Kanya or Virgo sign while the Sun will be in Mesha or Aries sign.

Shubh Muhurat:

The most auspicious time of the day, Abhijit Muhurat, will remain from 11:53 AM to 12:45 PM, while the Amrit Kalam will be from 08:32 PM to 09:58 PM and the Godhuli Muhurat from 06:40 PM to 07:04 PM.

Ashubh Muhurat:

Rahu Kalam, the most ashubh muhurat, will be from 05:14 PM to 06:53 PM. Gulikai Kalam and Varjyam will take place from 03:36 PM to 05:14 PM and 11:55 AM to 01:22 PM, respectively.

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