The second wave of Corona, Priya stopped again, single screen like Menka!

April 23, 2021 0 Comments

#Kolkata: Bad news for movie lovers. Kolkata’s single screen theater halls have been closed since Friday in view of the cowardly situation. Infection is increasing at the speed of the storm in the second wave of coronavirus. Kovid’s rise to prominence with Mumbai and Delhi is now in Kolkata. Tolly stars are also being attacked one after another. Jit, Shubhshree, Ritubrata, Kaushik Sen, Indrani Dutt, the number is increasing day by day.

In Kolkata, the general public is growing anxious about the cowardly situation. And they are not going to the hall. All in all, the theaters are chasing flies. In the end, judging by the situation, the organization decided to close the single screens. These cinemas include Priya, Navina, Menaka and Basushree These halls have been locked since Friday.

Cinema halls have been suffering from overcrowding since last year. In the meantime, the popularity of OTT platforms has further plagued cinema halls. However, the film world was returning to the rhythm after overcoming the corona panic. ধ্যMeanwhile, the cinema halls of the city are re-entering due to this second wave.

After that, the owners of the hall decided to close the cinema hall keeping in mind the current situation of Kovid and keeping in view the health of the spectators. The owners do not want to take any risk even though there is no government guideline yet. As a result, theaters like Priya, Navina, Menka, Basushree, PVR were closed from Friday.

However, Enix is ​​not closing now. Arijit Dutt, the owner of ‘Priya’ cinema hall, expressed his anger over the state government He said they did not receive any help from the government even in this extreme situation No taxes were waived. So many stars have stayed in the field of politics, but all these stars have not extended a helping hand for the movie.


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