COVID Vaccine Shortage: This time the railway hospital is in trouble with the supply of vaccines

April 23, 2021 0 Comments

#Kolkata: This time the vaccine crisis is also in the railway hospital. In the midst of the second wave of corona, several railway hospitals in the state are reported to be short of vaccines. However, according to railway sources, everyone will be vaccinated properly. Somewhere, there will be no problem with any kind of vaccine.

A few days ago, there was a problem with the vaccine in several railway hospitals including Liluah and Gardenrich. People who came to get the vaccine in several places have shown anger. Basically there is a problem with the second dose of the vaccine. Due to which the workers erupted in anger. Protests have escalated in several hospitals this week over problems with the vaccine. RPF jawans were sent to handle the protest.

According to Railway Hospital sources, the problem has arisen due to insufficient number of vaccines from the state. Although railway officials have repeatedly assured that everyone will be vaccinated. There will be no more problems with vaccinations. One of the hospitals of Eastern Railway is BR Singh Hospital. Although there was no vaccination crisis, there was no proper vaccination at the railway hospital, railway sources said. According to railway sources, 500 people were being vaccinated here every day. For now, that number has been increased to 74. As a result, the number of vaccine recipients is increasing. Howrah Orthopedic Hospital is one of the hospitals of Eastern Railway. There are 250 to 300 people being vaccinated every day. However, despite the increase in the number of vaccinations at the hospital, the supply is now much lower. As a result, railway workers are having difficulty in getting vaccinated here as well.

There are also problems in Asansol and Kanchrapara railway hospitals in Jogan. However, the supply will not be a problem in the next few days, railway officials said. They think that this problem will be solved especially from the new month. On the other hand, the number of beds in BR Singh Hospital of Eastern Railway has been increased. There are now 140 hospital beds. In addition, 20 new CCU beds were made. In Asansol, the number of beds has been increased from 48 to 6. That number will be increased to 50, according to railway sources.


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