World Earth Day 2021: Everything you need to know to save the planet Earth

April 22, 2021 0 Comments

Annually the 22nd of April is observed as World Earth Day with the motive of environmental protection. Throughout the world a list of events are coordinated by The worldwide recognised event holds great importance to us as citizens of the world. This World Earth Day 2021, saving our planet Earth should be our main objective as there is no other subsidiary planet to support life. Earth provides us with the resources to ensure constant support of life on Earth, which as known is not available on any other planet.
Take some time out today to reflect on your duties towards the Earth.

This year 2021 marks, the 51st World Earth Day, the theme is ” Restore Our Earth”. The focus is on restoring global ecosystems through natural means, green technology and innovation. We are facing a number of issues which are increasing more than diminishing. These are global warming, the constant increase of Earth’s average temperature, various kinds of pollution, harmful climate change, endangerment of many species, and most importantly melting of glaciers resulting in rise in the mean sea levels. Therefore, we must ask ourselves the important question as to what lies in store regarding the future of this life supporting planet. It is indeed not false that we are solely responsible for the depletion of Earth’s valuable resources and the consequential damages.

The only way to restore Mother Earth is by changing our selfish ways of using Earth’s natural resources, thereby making way for sustainable development. Various global organisations, including UNICEF, are preparing for World Earth Day 2021 and are asking more people to join the cause, including the youth. So this World Earth Day, let us make a conscious decision to contribute in changing the world for a better place. We can do simple things such as plant a tree, reduce the use of plastic products, and segregate our waste.

Here are some suggestions on what to do this World Earth Day 2021:

  • Show your skills in your desired form to generate awareness about World Earth Day 2021 and its theme “Restore Our Earth”.
  • Most importantly, promise to plant a seed today, and take care of it until it becomes a sapling.
  • Ban the use of any form of plastic that is killing the ecosystem.
  • Try to shift to less polluting and more sustainable forms of energy, for example shifting to the use of more solar panels for generating electricity.
  • Reducing the use of chemical based foods and using more organic foods, that is beneficial for both our health and that of our environment.
  • Saving Earth’s available drinking water and practicing rain water harvesting this monsoon.
  • Following the 3R’s, that is, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to restore our Earth.
  • An age old quote “Save Earth, Save Life”.


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