Vakeel Saab Box Office Collection Day 14: Pawan Kalyan’s comeback fest about to end amid Coronavirus surge – See Latest

April 22, 2021 0 Comments

Vakeel Saab, which stormed theatres 2 weeks ago turned out to be a major crowd-puller amid COVID-19 resurge in the country. Vakeel Box Office collections broke all records that made during the pandemic and even surpassed its original work ‘Pink’. 

Vakeel Saab Box Office Collection Day 14 has just been revealed, and the numbers look disappointing for some reason, a movie that got an opening of mammoth Rs. 40 crores is now failing to sustain itself in the second week of its release. 

Vakeel Saab Box Office Collection Day 14 currently stands at a mere Rs.30 crores (approx) and numbers are expected to die down in the next couple of days due to COVID-19 havoc that has shaken the entire country. 

Vakeel Saab Day Box Office Collection Day 14- 

Day 1 9th April, Fri 38 cr.
Day 2 10th April, Sat 16.5 cr.
Day 3 11th April, Sun 17 cr.
Day 4 12th April, Mon 13 cr.
Day 5 13th April, Tue 7 cr.(approx)
Day 6 14th April, Wed 5.5 cr.(approx)
Day 7 15th April, Thu 4 cr.(approx)
Day 8  16th April, Fri 1.5 cr.(approx)
Day 9 17th April, Sat 1.32 cr. (approx)
Day 10 18th April, Sun 1.00 cr.(approx)
Day 11 19th April, Mon 0.90 cr.(approx)
Day 12 20th April, Tue 0.75 cr. (approx)
Day 13 21st April, Wed 0.50 cr. (approx)
Day 14 22nd April, Thu 0.30 cr. (approx)
Total    108 cr.(approx) 

Given above is the Vakeel Saab box office Collection report from 9th April to 22nd April.

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Note: above mention Vakeel Saab Day Box Office Collection Day 14 report has been derived from multiple sources, an authentic report is hard to ascertain amid these pressing times. According to some unconfirmed sources Vakeel Saab box office Collection 14 might even be close to approx. Rs. 110 crores.  


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