Nagarjuna starrer Wild Dog movie on Netflix is worth a one time watch

April 22, 2021 0 Comments

“But this is not a movie, how can this be possible” asks Hemanth (played by Atul Kulkarni ) to his National Investigation Agency Head Vijay Varma (played by Akkineni Nagarjuna)when suggesting a covert operation in Nepal. This is how realistic the Nagarjuna starrer Wild Dog movie, released yesterday on Netflix, has been made. The movie is currently in the top 10 trending list for India. Here is the Wild Dog movie review just to make sure you don’t miss out on it.

Nagarjuna starrer Wild Dog movie is inspired by true events alluding to the bravery of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) who carry out covert missions on foreign territories. Written and directed by Ashishor Solomon, the movie Wild Dog is set on selling an action movie on the grounds of patriotism towards one’s motherland.

The Wild Dog movie starts with a bomb blast in a crowded cafe. It is conducted by the Pakistan based terrorist organisation, Indian Mujahideen, with intentions of getting international attention. The head of police, not being able to solve the case, ropes NIA into the investigation. We are introduced to Nagarjuna’s character, Vijay Varma, who doesn’t let go of any criminal alive even if they plead with him.

The story is kind of predictable and the narrative too simple to guess. The writing of the movie Wild Dog also falls sloppy as the plot provides no background to the supporting cast. Nagarjuna plays the role of a dedicated agent – Vijay Varma and his wife Priya is played by Dia Mirza. The movie gives no space for emotions and is so short that it becomes difficult for a father to react to the death of his daughter. It basically transforms to a dramatic narration with the eyewitness who had been injured in the bomb blast, giving his statement at the hospital and his mother starts crying at the end of his dialogues.

Thaman’s music helps give it a dramatic look to support the narrative. The slow paced storyline is only able to work for the action sequences and heavy guns. The cinematography falls short in explanation of how is it possible for a protagonist Vijay Varma to have a 360° look of the streets from a single window pane and guide his team, but this too can be overlooked for the believable performance of the cast. Editing done by Shravan Kartikeni was not upto the mark. Wild Dog story falls short of content and is unable to keep up with the usual run time of a movie. A lot of technical mistakes can be forgiven just for the sake of performances by the cast who form the pillar to hold the movie.

What could add in the movie’s favour is the absence of a forced love story and the plot’s integrity to convey what it wanted to. The movie also contains no artificial lullabies to which the artists dance in foreign locations. The movie garners social acclamation with a disclaimer as to why people in Delhi and Nepal are speaking in Telugu rather than Hindi, kudos to the makers. At the end of the day, it remains a guilty pleasure for all army in action movie maniacs and Nagarjuna fans. The fact that we get to see a “Local Boy” version of Nagarjuna – a passionate person who talks in Hindi with an accent so good is refreshing. Wild Dog movie is a great one time watch for this weekend on Netflix.


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