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Kolkata: The 2019 Lok Sabha election is practically a ‘game changer’ in Bengali politics. The result of this election changed the position of the political parties in West Bengal overnight. The ruling BJP at the Center has suddenly emerged as the Trinamool’s opponent in place of the Left-Congress. Electoral analysts believe that there may be some shadow of the Lok Sabha elections as a result of tomorrow’s vote. Before the sixth round of voting on Thursday, let’s take a look at where these four seats are ahead and which are behind. Let us know what was the result of 2019 Lok Sabha polls in these constituencies of East Burdwan, North Dinajpur, Nadia and North 24 Parganas.

It may be mentioned that in this sixth phase, polling will be held in 16 seats of North 24 Parganas district, 9 seats of Nadia district, 6 seats of East Burdwan district and all centers of North Dinajpur district. The 43-seat polls will be held in Chopra, Islampur, Goalpokhar, Chakulia, Karandighi, Hematabad, Kaliaganj, Raiganj, Itahar, Karimpur, Tehatta, Palashipara, Kaliganj, Nakashipara, Chapra, Krishnanagar North, Navadwip, Krishnanagar South and Bagda. Meanwhile, in North 24 Parganas, Bangaon North, Bangaon South, Gaighata, Swarupnagar, Baduria, Habra, Ashoknagar, Amdanga, Bijpur, Naihati, Bhatpara, Jagddal, Noapara. Voting will be in Barakpur, Kharadaha, Dumdum North. These 43 seats also include Bhatar in East Burdwan, South in East, North in East, Katwa, Ketugram, Mangalkot, Aushagram, Ghalsi.

Image of East Burdwan as a result of 2019 Lok Sabha polls:

The Trinamool advanced to the 2019 Lok Sabha polls in the southern part of the East Burdwan Lok Sabha constituency. The grassroots advanced from the eastern north. The Trinamool took the lead in the Burdwan-Durgapur Lok Sabha constituency. On the other hand, BJP holds the Katwa seat. Gholsi is occupied by the BJP. However, the Trinamool was ahead in Anubrat-‘Den ‘Ketugram under Bolpur Lok Sabha constituency. Similarly, at the end of the day, the Trinamool had power in Mangalkot and Aushgram.

Image of North Dinajpur as a result of 2019 Lok Sabha polls

There was also a fierce battle in North Dinajpur. The Trinamool was ahead in Islampur under the Raiganj Lok Sabha constituency in terms of Lok Sabha votes. Goalpokhar and Chakulia also got the lead. On the other hand, Gerua Abir flew from Karandighi, Hematabad and Raiganj at the end of the day. However, not Padma in the Darjeeling Lok Sabha, but Joraful was ahead in the 2019 Lok Sabha. The Trinamool also had the lead in Itahar in Balurghat Lok Sabha. The ruling party Trinamool was also able to hold an average position in Karimpur under the Murshidabad Lok Sabha.

Nadia’s picture of the results of the 2019 Lok Sabha polls:

In terms of Lok Sabha votes, BJP in Tehta under Krishnanagar Lok Sabha, Trinamool in Palashipara and Trinamool in Kaliganj advanced in 2019 Lok Sabha polls. Nadia’s Nakashipara, Chapra holds the grassroots average. The Trinamool took the lead in Navadwip under the Ranaghat Lok Sabha. On the other hand, BJP is ahead in Krishnanagar North and South. This time Mukul Roy has become the candidate of this Krishnanagar North Center. After a long break, Mukul is on the election field again. Once a grassroots leader in the Gerua camp today. His opponent is Kaushani Mukherjee, a newcomer to politics from the Trinamool Congress.

Images of 2019 Lok Sabha polls in North 24 Parganas:

In terms of Lok Sabha votes, the BJP took the lead in the 2019 elections in Baghdad, which is under the Bangaon Lok Sabha, and the same picture was in the Bangaon North Center. The BJP’s dominance in Bangaon South was in the Lok Sabha polls. Although the Trinamool took the lead in Swarup Nagar, Gaighata was occupied by the BJP. The Trinamool advanced in Baduria under the Basirhat Lok Sabha constituency. Under the Barasat Lok Sabha, the BJP is ahead in Habra and the Trinamool in Ashoknagar. In Barrackpore, the Trinamool went ahead in Amdanga in terms of Lok Sabha votes. But the BJP batted hard in Barrackpore, Birpur, Naihati, Bhatpara and Jagddal, which are known as industrial areas. On the other hand, Trinamool is ahead in Noapara. The BJP goes ahead. Trinamool Shibir was able to hold the average in Kharadaha and Dumdum North. Raj Chakraborty, a newly joined Trinamool director, has become the Trinamool candidate this time. Against whom BJP’s trump card is Mukul’s son Shuvrangshu Roy. But in the end, we have to wait till May 2 to know which way the wind of the sail goes.


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