Vakeel Saab Box Office Collection Day 12: Amid growing COVID-19 cases, Pawan Kalyan’s courtroom drama suffers another blow – See Latest

April 21, 2021 0 Comments

Since COVID-19 has entered the equation, things have gone downhill for Pawan Kalyan’s comeback flick and Vakeel Saab Day Box Office Collection Day 12 report is valid proof of that. Vakeel Saab Day Box Office Collection Day 12 currently stands at a mere ₹75 Lakhs as compared to its first-day box office earnings which stood at a mammoth ₹38 crores. Given below is an in-depth report on Vakeel Saab Day Box Office Collection Day 12. 

Vakeel Saab Day Box Office Collection Day 12- 

Day 1 9th April, Fri 38 cr.
Day 2 10th April, Sat 16.5 cr.
Day 3 11th April, Sun 17 cr.
Day 4 12th April, Mon 13 cr.
Day 5 13th April, Tue 7 cr.(approx)
Day 6 14th April, Wed 5.5 cr.(approx)
Day 7 15th April, Thu 4 cr.(approx)
Day 8  16th April, Fri 1.5 cr.(approx)
Day 9 17th April, Sat 1.32 cr. (approx)
Day 10 18th April, Sun 1.00 cr.(approx)
Day 11 19th April, Mon 0.90 cr.(approx)
Day 12 20th April, Tue 0.75 cr. (approx)
Total    107 cr.(approx) 

Given above is the Vakeel Saab box office Collection report from 9th April to 20th April.  

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After looking at Vakeel Saab Day Box Office Collection Day 12 report, we can easily say that releasing any movie theatrically at the current time will be a train wreck and producers must avoid taking big-budget movies to theatres and must prefer low budget OTT releases.   


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