Tourism Minister attends review meeting about Covid-19 in Visakhapatnam

April 19, 2021 0 Comments

Tourism Minister Muttamsetti Srinivasa Rao has directed revenue, police and medical officers to take strict measures to control Covid-19 in the Visakhapatnam District. The minister held a review meeting on Covid-19 with Visakhapatnam District Covid Special Officer Praveen Kumar, District Collector V Vinay Chand, Commissioner of Police Manish Kumar Sinha, GVMC Commissioner G Srijana and Medical Officers at the Collector’s Office conference hall. The minister emphasised that as we are under the second wave of the COVID 19, necessary precautions against outspread of the virus have to be taken.

The government and public representatives said they would extend full support to the authorities. The officials in the meeting were asked to alert the public of Visakhapatnam about the symptoms of the Covid virus in the second wave and its rate of spreading. The meeting concluded that the public will be discouraged to celebrate festivals in rural and agency areas. First the paramedics, the staff, the front line workers must all get two doses of the vaccine. Covid-19 tests & vaccination need to speed up even more.  

Urgent action should be taken to minimize the transmission and to reduce the mortality rate. Visakhapatnam District Collector V Vinay Chand said during the meeting that various Covid committees have been set up consisting of officers from the medical and various other departments in accordance with the directions of the State Government, and guided on the functions they have to perform. He said that awareness drives about the second wave and the condition at the hospitals, beds, equipment, 104 – 108 vehicles in the district and the measures taken in the rural areas are to be explained.

Police Commissioner Manish Kumar Sinha said that those who did not wear masks are being fined and steps are being taken to maintain physical distancing. 

As per the latest report, Vizag has reported 565 cases in a single day, and Andhra Pradesh has overall seen 5963 cases as on today. 


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