Coronavirus: 50 percent attendance at government offices, work from home! The state issued a ten-point directive

April 17, 2021 0 Comments

#Kolkata: In Maharashtra, several other states are on the path of night curfew to deal with the second blow of Lockdown and Coronavirus. The state government has issued a set of guidelines to reduce the rate of corona infection, though it has not yet taken such drastic measures. Most of these directives were in force in the state at the time of the Corona Extreme last year Again, the administration was forced to issue those guidelines

In the last 24 hours, 613 people have been newly infected in the state The death toll has also risen to 34 The worst situation is in Kolkata In the state capital, about two thousand and six have been affected in one day In this situation, the state government has issued eleven point instructions on this day The new guidelines are an attempt to ensure that health rules are followed wherever people gather. Let’s take a look at the guidelines issued by the state government-

1. The local administration needs to ensure that rules are followed in all public places, such as wearing masks on public transport, using sanitizers, and maintaining physical distance.

2. Complete disinfection work should be done at least once a week in all government and private offices, business establishments, industrial and commercial complexes.

3. Sanitation needs to be done in all markets like last year with the help of business organizations

4. Daily or weekly markets, wearing masks on public transport, physical distance must be maintained.

5. Work hours in shops, markets, commercial establishments should be divided so that there is not a crowd of people at once

. State government offices have to work with a maximum of 50 percent staff every day Employees have to be brought back to the office

. In private organizations, as many employees as possible have to start working from home again

. The officer in charge in the workplace must ensure that employees wear masks and maintain social distance.

9. Sanitary, handwash, thermal scanning must be provided at shopping malls, multiplexes, hotels, restaurants as before and on the way out.

10. Stadiums and swimming pools are subject to all restrictions as per previous guidelines.

The guidelines clearly state that strict action will be taken in accordance with the law if all these guidelines are not followed The administration has been forced to take drastic steps again, realizing the dangers of failing to regulate the health of the people as well as maintaining the health infrastructure to control corona.


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