Votepanchami at night Pohalei, in which seat is the wind, see in terms of Lok Sabha

April 16, 2021 0 Comments

#Kolkata: One more round of elections is starting at midnight. Votapanchami is bigger than before in the body. Elections will be held in 45 seats in 6 districts. In terms of the 2016 assembly elections, the BJP had no ground under its feet in these areas. Trinamool was able to prove its strength well. But gradually the atmosphere in the Lok Sabha has changed. The BJP led in the 2019 Lok Sabha in 22 of these 45 constituencies. So is the BJP going to set foot in these seats? Like observers, the situation is different, the conditions of voting have also changed. They are indicating a strong collision.

If the 2016 assembly elections can be put forward, when did the Trinamool win 32 of these 45 seats? The CPM-Congress alliance won 5 seats. Gorkha Janmukti Morcha won 3 seats in the hills. But in the Lok Sabha, Padma cultivation started mainly in North Bengal. The BJP won six of the six seats in Jalpaiguri district. Rajganj was able to hold the grassroots. Will this equation change now? Reporters in the field say that the two warring parties will fight desperately in Jalpaiguri Sadar, Dabgram Fulbari and Rajganj. It goes without saying that the leftists are not fighting here. On the other hand, both the camps in the hills are practically angry with the BJP. Since the BJP has not taken any steps to solve the political problem, they are practically disillusioned. This incident can create an atmosphere against the BJP.

The fifth round of voting will cover a large part of the northern twenty-four parganas. In 2016, the BJP could not even gnash its teeth in this region. Even during the BJP storm in the Lok Sabha polls, the fort remained intact. In the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the BJP is leading in Bidhannagar and Rajarhat-Gopalpur constituencies. The Trinamool is desperate to get grain from the northern 24 parganas just like the southern 24 parganas.

There are also votes in Nadia district. Trinamool snatched victory in 2016 in five of the eight centers in the district. However, the BJP has won the Lok Sabha polls in all the eight constituencies. If the Trinamool can recapture Nadia, the state’s vote share is expected to change drastically.

In East Burdwan, the BJP failed to show its teeth even in the last Lok Sabha. Trinamool won seven of the eight seats. As a result, the grassroots will want to jump in with everything in North 24 Parganas and Burdwan. And if seats like Rajganj match in North Bengal, it will be a dividend. Even if there is wind in favor of Gorkhajanmukti Morcha instead of BJP in the hills, it is for the benefit of the grassroots.

Note that Rajbangshi vote in the north and Matua vote in the North 24 Parganas are big factors in this phase. The BJP has repeatedly made various promises to these two groups before this episode. On the other hand, there was no mistake on the part of the grassroots. Meanwhile, in places like Sandeshkhali and Basirhat Hingalganj, it is believed that Amphan’s anger could affect the ballot box.


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